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It’s no secret that Don Cheadle has never been a fan of Donald Trump—and he recently took to Twitter to blow up the president’s spot even more after being targeted by Trump supporters.

WARNING: Graphic language

On Saturday night, the Oscar-nominated actor, who has called #45 a “POS” in the past, explained why he can’t stand Trump so much. According to Cheadle, his friend’s father was playing golf with Trump before he was elected and witnessed him call African-American women the “N-word.”

Trump tried it.

Now we don’t have the full details behind the story. As AV Club pointed out: It’s unclear if Cheadle was there or if this is hearsay—”but it’s a bold accusation against a political figure who’s spent a lot of energy trying to convince people he’s ‘the least racist person he knows.’” Not only that, but if this is true, Trump’s use of a racial slur while sexualizing Black women is truly disgusting and reprehensible.

(Omarosa, are you paying attention?)

Now when asked why Cheadle didn’t share this tidbit during the election, he admitted he didn’t believe that it would have made a difference.

He does have a point.

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11 thoughts on “Don Cheadle Told Twitter Trolls Why He Hates Donald Trump

  1. Lilly White on said:

    Peter Johnson take your racist white ass over to the KKK site. You know you do not want a piece of Don. This is coming from a white woman married to a black man.

  2. Speaking of “leaks”: President Trump, please declassify and open to the public ALL documents of the FBI, CIA, NSA, ONI, and other military intelligence agencies and contractors! You have the legal authority do this in 5 minutes with a single Executive Order! I want to know what MY government has been doing with MY tax dollars! Most of these “top-secret” files are kept secret only to avoid embarrassment for politicians, their wealthy patrons, and various bureaucrats, and to cover up crimes like the assassinations of JFK, Dr. King, and Bobby Kennedy. It is a lame excuse to keep things secret from us in the name of “national security.” Don’t We the People have the right to know what’s really going on? As we know from WikiLeaks, we’ve ALL potentially been monitored and “wiretapped” by anyone with a Radio Shack scanner ever since cordless phones and cell phones. There are NO secrets over the airwaves. Many years ago I witnessed one of my friends turn on the little “eavesdropping scanner” he kept in his car and drive around listening to various people talking on their cordless phones. I could hear their conversations quite clearly. A good P.I. can find out anything about you he/she wants to with cheap but sensitive listening devices that can penetrate the walls of your house or apartment and pick up every sound. Big Brother has been listening to YOU for a very long time. President Obama denied wiretapping any U.S. citizen but did NOT deny wiretapping foreign citizens, including Russians, who may have been talking to U.S. citizens. Almost every conversation held by high-level “foreigners” is routinely monitored by various intelligence agencies, and if you just happen to be on the other end of the line….or airwave….
    If you won’t do it, Mr. President, ask Congress to do it. And Congress, how about building a few more public toilets in our nation’s capital city, the District of Columbia? There are only two freestanding public toilets, including the historic white stucco structure at the North Gate of the White House, and they both close at sunset! And one more small request: give DC residents the RIGHT TO VOTE! DC residents have NO US Senators and only a non-voting “delegate” to the US House.

  3. FallMornings on said:

    @jhuf. My issue with all these folks coming out to say something about Trump. Where were they before and during the election? That would have been the time to voice your opinion, not now.

    • Diane on said:

      Duh. 65 million voted for Hillary. He won bc 100,000 ppl in Michigan didn’t vote for the top of the ticket and in Wisconsin he barley won, as well as in Pennsylvania. I bet a lot of those same ppl who didn’t vote, regret it. I wish we could have a go over

  4. Diane. on said:

    I believe the mysognist, narcissistic, racsit, bigot, said that about a blk woman. I’ve heard he doesn’t care for brown skinned women, also. The Donald disgust me to no end. He’s deplorable. This country’s chickens are coming home to roost. The walls are caving in on this fool. He’s father had Alzheimer’s. Ummmmm.

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