Van Jones’ Messy Truth: A Day Of Empathy



Commentator and activist Van Jones talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about how the election of Donald Trump and the prison system goes hand in hand.

“Had you not had mass Incarceration, you wouldn’t have Donald Trump as President. Florida would have been a blue state. 21% of people that have been to prison can not vote. We are so much more punished for the things that we do. Florida and Georgia themselves would probably be blue states.”

Click the link below to the hear the entire interview.

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20 thoughts on “Van Jones’ Messy Truth: A Day Of Empathy

    • Theo on said:

      Dr. Larry, I prefer the old Trump because last night he sounded like a Politician. Prior to last night Trump would say “Americans with pre-medical issues will NOT be turned away from medical care”, last night he stated, “no American with pre-medical issues SHOULD not be turned away.’ In words to say, the old Trump spoke with TEETH & BITE, last night, no teeth, no bite, which is the markings of a Politician.

    • Marilyn on said:

      Yes he killed it alright. He totally erased whatever good some felt he deserved after reading off of a Telepromter. It went totally downhill in a matter of hours. Trump cannot sustain normalcy. His tweeting about Obama is going to be his undoing. His rage against Obama is consuming and tragic. I am sickened by his racism and bigotry something which appears to be eating him alive and dividing this country. It’s all a terrible ploy to distract from the real issue: his campaign’s involvement with Russia to determine the election.

  1. from the moment The honorable Dr. King was taken home…. we as a people have dropped the ball to move progressively towards any kind of equality… not putting the blame on anyone else but us…. self help is the best form of retaliation we need… move over… get out of the way…. tired of being tired…

  2. white folks simply need to get over their false sense of “superiority.”

    The whites who voted CHUMP in are insecure because this country is moving forwards-yes with more immigrants-while they are stuck in the past(pre-Civil Rights Era) and they wish to take this country back to that generation.
    If they had their way, BLACKS WOULD BE SLAVES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!–NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    What we (the African American community) need to do during the next possible four years is DO FOR OURSELVES!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amonre smith on said:

    Chris doesn’t realize what black folk go through every day there’s something wrong when live in a country where there unequal justice for people of color Mr Van is speaking to the facts…that’s all where tired of being sick and tired….

    • Amonre Smith, V. Jones, though he means well would be a House Negro by Nat Turner, Malcolm X, etc. a black person seeking to maintain the status quo established by the master, being the Democrats.

  4. Another leftist blaming everyone and everything for Clinton’s loss except for the flawed candidate herself. Perhaps if 21% AA in Florida didn’t commit a FELONY, they would be allowed to vote. Van Jones’ words “…it’s not black folks are doing more crimes, NECESSARILY……” He wants to cut the prison pop by 50%, why isn’t he telling the criminals to stop committing crimes?
    It was Bill Clinton who ratcheted up incarceration, it was Hillary who called AAs “super predators.” Jones said “….the entire nation suffers…,” what about the dead victims and their families?
    Jones is a self avowed radical revolutionary communist, backed by George Soros. Jones and Talcum X King are misinforming black people, keeping black people in the dark. They have their own personal agenda.

    • So u don’t think, if you paid your debt to society, you should regain your voting rights?? Why not?? That’s mostly a law in those rascit southern states.

      • chris on said:

        Paying your debt to society? How does one measure that? If someone pleads down, to lessen jail time, was the debt enough?

  5. Yeah, America wants to be “WHITES ONLY”. We’re not wanted here, either. This country is disgusting. Yeah I said it!!! They said for eight years they wanted their county back. They’re doing all they can to get it back. It is, what it is.

  6. JONES DON’t GET IT! Van Jones just don’t get it that MOST Americans see the Nation being taken over by Immigrants & Illegal Immigrants.

      • Chris, I respectfully differ with you that America is exclusively worried about the “illegals”–IF that was the ONLY factor, you are ignoring the Muslim factor of the Trump Administration, in words to say, the Muslim population in America has grown to be a threat to American values as well.

      • Theo on said:

        Chris, yes I’m also referring to Sharia law. I have experienced bias & prejudice from Muslims of the Middle East….many of them are very prejudice toward Black Americans.

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