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The NY Post caught up with Tyson Beckford backstage at the Ralph Lauren Children’s Fashion Show awhile back at the Central Park Zoo, and the former model dished on his feelings about the sudden wave of delusional Instagram models, many of whom refuse to acknowledge him with the proper respect.

He also said he wishes he could “put a gun to the head of the person” who started the nasty rumor that he doesn’t date Black women.

“I do not feel like I get the respect that I deserve,” Tyson says. “There are a lot of Instagram models out there, and when they reach out to me and ask me for advice, they get mad, go on blogs and say things like I am irrelevant.”

45-year-old Tyson also bashed the current industry practice of finding new talent on social media. A practice he believes is setting up hopeful models for failure.

“I do not think Instagram models are a good thing. You are setting people up for failure if they don’t have the complete package,” he says. “Nowadays, everyone is calling themselves a model, but don’t be mad at me if I am telling you the truth.

“In the model world, you have to be 5-foot-9 for girls and 6-foot-1 for guys. It is not just about having a pretty face — you need the height to go with it.”

Beckford has been shrouded by the longstanding rumor that he doesn’t find Black women appealing, and the fact that he didn’t reproduce with a Black woman certainly enhanced this rumor.

“People were going around saying that I do not like black women, when that is absolutely not true. I wish I could put a gun to the head of the person who started that nasty rumor about me and black women,” says Beckford, who has a son with celebrity stylist April Roomet.

“I love black women and do date them. My exes from Jamaica were calling me saying, ‘Why don’t you date or like black women?’ That rumor has followed me to this day, and black women have always been upset with me for that. I love brown skin. It is nice to look at and to touch.”


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40 thoughts on “Tyson Beckford Addresses Rumors Of Not Dating Black Women

  1. Selase on said:

    Nonsense! Have you been to Africa? What do you know about Africa, a continent with over 50 nations, that you would get up and spew such nonsense? It is only poverty that would tempt a black African woman to date outside her race

  2. Maybe in usa,but here in africa it is the other way women will do anything to be with a white man.they will go as far as breaking up with her black boyfriend/husband just to be in love with a white man.

    • MsJDenese on said:

      Unfortunately, there are brainwashed African people across the world. Africa is a huge continent, where specifically are you referring to?

    • Selase on said:

      Nonsense! Have you been to Africa? What do you know about Africa, a continent with over 50 nations, that you would get up and spew such nonsense? It is only poverty that would tempt a black African woman to date outside her race

  3. Commenter on said:

    Dr. Larry – I’ve no idea what race you are but I’m a black woman and on behalf of all of us – White women have more fake parts and weaves and nasty attitudes than any other race. It is the white race that has shown other races how to hate, belittle, bully, cheat, lie on, undercut and so on. Don’t YOU confuse the races. It is so funny how some black men can say, “I couldn’t find a woman who…” or “she’s been with me since…”. I know plenty of black women who work, raise great kids, ski, hike, ride a horse and know their value. White women don’t know their value, they create imitations of themselves to see which one will fit the situation and some black men fall for it. Black women have married many white execs and billionaires so get your facts straight. Mr. Beckford is not my type but it is interesting that black women are pretty and nice to touch but not enough to procreate with – meanwhile he and like-minded black men will fight to the death for their mothers and sisters, nieces etc but every other black woman is just a being with a lower level of equality and it doesn’t get touched upon until articles like these get put online. Dr. Larry – return to school.

    • MsJDenese on said:

      What’s this supposed to prove? You’re using propagandist tactics. Take videos showing Black women educating, training, working, being educated, supporting their Black sons and husbands, etc. No, you’re not interested in that, it doesn’t serve your or this society’s purpose of denigrating African people.

  4. Dr. Larry on said:

    You need to look no further than the black women on this site, and they hate they carry around with them each and every day. Nobody wants to be around that negativity.

    • Really on said:

      Dr Larry I’m sure your an educated person. For you information all black women are not hood rats and ghetto. Sorry to disappoint you. There are plenty of white people that fight and act a fool as well. There is no point on telling people like you that. You believe want you want.

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        I didn’t say all black women, but a good percentage of them. And I believe what I see with my own eyes. Stay in denial brother, it’s working so well.

      • Really on said:

        That’s because it’s a black thing you wouldn’t understand so we won’t bother explaining .

      • I’m black and I still don’t understand people’s obsession with who people date/marry and why. I don’t live a race based life. That’s the reason I wouldn’t understand. I thank God everyday for that blessing.

  5. americanize on said:

    Black men pay dearly for dating and marring snow bunnies,charge with rape,going to jail,getting lynched an if ur a rich black man,and get a divorce from the snow bunny,she gets a ton of money.that could be going to a black family.But Cynthia and Specialt 757 there are still a bunch of brothers like myself who knows our history in this country and still and always love a sista.The Queen of humanity.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      You ain’t scoring no trim on here playa, so just check the Nubian Queen BS at the door. Black women are the most angry and violent group of humanity. Open your eyes and look around

      • MsJDenese on said:

        Such an untrue, demeaning, and dehumanizing comment. Who actually commits the most violence in the U. S. and the world? Be truthful and factual.

    • TracyAM on said:

      Definitely Whites, most Blacks and people of color put a high value on ” white skin and straight hair”. It’s a high level commodity in this country!
      It’s not just Black men that do this! Keep in mind many of these Black men are raised by Black women! I don’t think that most Black men find Black women as attractive as women in the other races! Most just wouldn’t admit it! Back in the day, when interracial marriage was illegal Black men reached for the lightest Black woman in the group! Now that they have access to white women and women of other races they are just doing what they always wanted to do! It’s an excuse to say stupid things like complain about the attitude of a group which sounds so unintelligent ! It’s like saying everyone in a group has the same personality! They just doing what they always wanted to do JUMP SHIP!

      • MsJDenese on said:

        Just know that then and now, all Black men were not common, ordinary, or brainwashed. Not all men (people) are leaders who have the strength to uphold their dignity and power in a world that is operated on white supremacist values. But there are leaders among us in inconspicuous places.

  6. oh i forgot about him maybe he wants to be relevant again. their are too many other black brothers out there doing there thing see calvin klein ad.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    Cynthia, I wish I knew how to download a “thumbs up” or “hands clapping” emojis (I only know how to type lol) I would give you one or two. I share your sentiments down to the last letter. SOME, definitely NOT all, black men feel that they haven’t made it until they have a white woman on their arms, in their beds or licking their toes. It’s almost an everyone minute or two occurrence while anywhere U.S.A. to see black men with white women, and now it’s not even what people have referred to as “beautiful” white women, any shape, size, height, or pasty skin color will do. I don’t believe that people shouldn’t be with someone just because of their skin color but I do have a problem with “the” black man who feels he has to “diss” a black woman because they hate the skin they’re in.
    You’re 100% correct, white women were the forbidden fruit and black men have swung from trees by their necks just for glancing to long. What gives? Too many black women have stood by and suffered in silence with black men and also supported them through thick and thin. Yes, it’s an insult to black women to see the men they love and adore push them aside to have a white woman by their side, being their wives and have their babies. It’s sickening. No I’m not prejudiced against whites but this is a pet peeve of mine, and I certainly don’t hate white women, but I do despise the brotha that will diss a black woman because they think they’ve made it. I really have a deep seeded love for black men and it absolutely hurts to see them this way.
    SN: White people need not respond, this ain’t your fight.

  8. I am not judging Tyson. To each his own. I will say this though…from my observation (doesn’t mean that it is correct…but, it is what I have notice), when black men seem to make it, have a little money, from a good job, sports, actors, etc. they tend to date white women. It is too bad, as there a lot of black successful black women who are waiting for a good black man to marry, bare his children and build a good life with. It seems to have really took off in the 90’s as the thing to do. Our young black boys have been programmed to think that white is what’s considered beautiful, based off the media, commercials, TV, etc. When they are able to land a white girl, they think they have finally made it. They believe they have what society for so long has denied them to have. They think surely there is something special about them, if not, why would society not allow us to date, marry or even look upon them of there wasn’t something special about them. So, what was for so long been forbidden fruit, it has now been made available to them, so they tend to prefer them over black women. I wish we would teach our young black men that there is such bad history regarding interracial relationships. Many black young boys and men have been beaten, jailed and even killed for looking at or speaking to a white woman. Likely they have ancestors who have paid a heavy price for doing that such thing, yet they go out of their way to date/marry and procreate with them. I was at an event not to long ago, when I made mention of that very thing. I said “ there a lot of bi-racial couples out here” ALL of the black men were with white women. And, to top that off, the black men walk by black women and don’t even speak…can’t even say “hello.” It’s sickening. I love all people, but we have to tell our boys while they are young, that black is beautiful and black women are beautiful!

    • specialt757 on said:

      “They think surely there is something special about them, if not, why would society not allow us to date, marry or even look upon them of there wasn’t something special about them.”
      I have yet to see anything special about them, definitely not more special than sistas, gawd knows I’ve looked for signs but…nothing, nada, zilch.

    • TracyAM on said:

      I am glad those interracial wed and brainwashed Black men don’t speak to me! I act like I don’t see them when they are walking down the street with their snow monkeys!!

  9. Screw Tyson and all the other brotha’s who have a Hate on for their own Sistah’s!!!!
    Got a news flash for you boys–white women’s vagina’s are not LINED WITH GOLD-NOR DO THEY GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!!!

    Read up on the ugly history and Lies that white females have told and still tell regarding RAPE and men of Color!!!!!!!!!!

    • Please with the nonsense. There is a real issue black American men have with self hate. It’s only the ignorance of black American men. You wonder why Caribbean black men and real Africans don’t associate with you all ignorant clowns and identify as not belonging to anything pertaining to American black men.
      You don’t find such hate and disrespect for black women in the Islands and Africa. Bunch of black American nigers with your self hate. Your sisters, mothers, aunts, niece are all black women. Wonder why black Caribbeans married amongst themsrlf the majority of the time.

    • Not really, most black men still marry and date black women. Do not let a few black men make you think otherwise. These men who date non black just get the most talked about but they are not the majority.

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        Don’t confuse dating and marrying with easy sex and a breakfast at IHop the next morning. Statistics prove that ain’t nobody marrying black women.

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