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After 5-year-old Lola Jones questioned her parents about historic Black figures, her mother Cristi Jones wanted to go beyond having a conversation about Black history. As a way for Lola to learn about the contributions of significant Black women, she dressed her up as notable figures and re-created some of their most iconic photos, reports the Seattle Times.

From the Seattle Times:

“I started thinking that this would be a fun way for her to learn about the strong women who paved the way for the youth of today,” Jones said.

So Lola’s mom hit the thrift stores and the internet, spending less than $40 on a few props — an aviator hat, a bonnet, two wigs and a little boy’s jacket — and repurposed items from the house and began their pictorial project.

Starting on Jan. 31, Jones helped her daughter transform into some of America’s most accomplished and admired black women, from Rosa Parks and Shirley Chisholm to Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and Misty Copeland.

Jones took to social media to post the images which eventually went viral.

Jones says that many of the lessons Lola learned about the racism that Blacks in America have endured were hard to teach but very necessary. “There is a little fear in learning people were hated for the color of their skin,” Jones told the Seattle Times. “But we stressed that while we still have farther to go, we have come a very long way and that’s why she can go to school with all of her friends who are different colors and religions.”

SOURCE: Seattle Times


Kindergartner Re-creates Images Of Iconic Black Women For Black History Month was originally published on newsone.com

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