2/27/17- Tom, Sybil and Arsenio are talking all things Academy Awards. Find out who they think got snubbed and of course the crew talks about the biggest upset in Oscars history. Listen below.

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4 thoughts on “TOP OF THE MORNING: Oscars Flub, Recap & More

  1. FallMornings on said:

    Diane, they didn’t giver Denzel the Oscar for Malcolm X because of Spike Lee. Apparently, Hollywood does not like him for whatever reason. Maybe he doesn’t bow down to their view of what Black people are or could be. Sad.

  2. The Oscars by and large was a waste of airtime and predictable. I’ve never heard of 99 % of the movies nominated, as usual. They just don’t like giving Denzel an award for best actor when he deserves it. One of His best movie to me, was Malcolm X. They didn’t want to give him the best actor award then either, for obvious reason. Piss on the “oscars”.

    • So true. Denzel should have won hands down for his portrayal of Malcolm X. He has done a great body of work!!!! Still sexy well into his 60’s. : )

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