For those who haven’t been paying attention to what’s up with female rappers, here’s the latest.

In the wake of Nicki Minaj‘s subliminal shots at Remy Ma on a cut called “Swalla” and “Make Love,” Remy launched a missile of her own back at Nicki called “shETHER.”

Remy ain’t messin’ around, either. She uses “shETHER” to do dame with lines like calling Nicki a “disloyal hoochie” and a whole lot more.

She also name drops Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and Drake.

“I saw Meek at All-Star / He told me your ass dropped / He couldn’t f*ck you for three months because your ass dropped / Now I don’t think you understand how bad her ass got / The implants that she had put in her ass popped.”

Check out Nicki’s response via Instagram:

😘 she said *bey 🎀 *bigger

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

The track uses the same beat as Nas’ infamous ‘Ether’ diss record that was aimed at Jay Z. On the track, Remy also suggests that Minaj had sex with Trey Songz; Minaj has had a few ghostwriters including Drake, Lil Wayne and her ex boyfriend Safaree; Minaj had complications with her butt implants (while with Meek Mill) which forced them to abstain for 90 days; Minaj uses cocaine; along with some other allegations.

Even Trey Songz’s name was brought up on the track when Remy called out Nicki for sleeping with him.

“Only time you touched a trigger is when you f*cked Trey Songz,” Remy spit.

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11 thoughts on “Remy Ma Unleashes Nicki Minaj Diss Track

    • 90% of the articles posted here are a waste of space. Every once in a while we get something that changes our perspectives, or makes a positive difference, or broaden our horizons, but this is a rag mag, I don’t expect anything different, do you?

      • African American Woman on said:

        Totally agreed…as a news source for African Americans, you would think that this source would be more responsible and progressive in its reporting…tell me about financial, social and community progression-the things we need to know about to strengthen our presence and our power. Articles like this only serve to remind us that we still have to come up Fri. The bottom in order to move forward…SMH

  1. Nikki tried the wrong one. Remy is real deal old school rap. However, they are both talented women and should lift each other up in an industry that have very few women.

    • Just saying on said:

      These two chicken-heads don’t represent me, nor do they represent the many beautiful black positive women in America who uplift each other every day. These two women are ratchet, embarrassing as women, and just plain messy.

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