A hate-filled and racist video has caused major outrage this week at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, reports NBC 12.

From NBC 12:

The racially-charged video has already been pulled from YouTube, but the shocking lyrics are leading many on-campus to take action.

The video shows a woman wearing an ODU sweatshirt rapping, “White power, white, white power!” Later, what appears to be the same woman is shown wearing a shirt reading “My President is White Again,” with a picture of President Donald Trump. The woman waves a gun while rapping “Shoutout to the Confederate Flag and the KKK, I salute,” as well as “F*** Obama. Shoutout to Donald.” The video includes lyrics saying African-Americans “collect welfare,” “have babies,” and “sit around” and says they should go “back to the plantations, picking cotton.”

While it’s unclear if the woman is a student at ODU, the university president  and student government president posted a letter calling the video an “outrageous act of hate and intolerance” and denouncing the video.

ODU police are investigating the racially-charged clip, reports WAVY-TV.



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