Comedian Tommy Davidson hits the stage at the Arlington Improv this weekend, but before, he talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his affinity for Al Jarreau, what Barack Obama must be thinking now that Trump is now in office and more.

Click the link below to watch the entire interview.

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10 thoughts on “Tommy Davidson Reveals What Barack Obama Must Be Thinking Now That Trump Is In Office

  1. Mrknowitall on said:

    If Obama was born biracial white and look like Brad Pitt instead of biracial black, he would not have been voted President. It would have been Shrillery Clinton. I still don’t know what Barack Hussain Obama has done for black people or black colleges. White Lives Matter.

    • What have whitey done for blks?? They made sure we went to jail for minor offenses. While whites got off for the same crime. They make sure a high % of blk makes had records so they would stay unemployed. They just hate us for being blk. So, stfu

  2. To the HATERS who will inform me that Obama is no longer the President–I give you the middle finger!!!!!!

    Barack H. Obama will always be OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We will always have MAD LOVE FOR HIM AND MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!

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