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A University of Kansas professor is spearheading a project to memorialize the vicious lynching of Emmett Till in Mississippi at the courthouse where his murder trial took place.

HBCU Buzz reports that David Tell, an associate professor of communication studies at Kansas, helped to create the “Emmett Till Memory Project,” an interactive site that depicts 51-geographical sites related to the Till case.

The outlet reports that this research will be the foundation of the exhibits at the Tallahatchie County Courthouse, where Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam were tried and acquitted in Till’s death in 1955.

The Tallahatchie County Courthouse, in Sumner, Mississippi, will display content on screens directing visitors to the sites involved in the Till case, including the grocery store where Till supposedly whistled or touched Bryant’s wife and the place in the Tallahatchie River where his body was found, brutally beaten and shot.

Milam and Bryant Conferring with Attorney

Source: Bettmann / Getty

Though an all-White jury found the two men not guilty after about an hour of deliberation, Bryant and Milam, who died in 1994 and 1980 respectively, later admitted to the crime in a Look magazine interview. They were protected from any further prosecution because of “double jeopardy.”

Till has been in the news of late thanks to Carolyn Bryant’s (now Carolyn Donham) admission that “she lied when she testified in 1955 that Emmett Till touched her,” which set the whole chain of events leading to Till’s brutal lynching in motion.

Bryant Donham is currently 82 years old and resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. She most likely will never be charged for lying under oath because the five-year statute of limitations has long expired.

SOURCE: HBCU Buzz, Emmett Till Memory Project


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8 thoughts on “Emmett Till Courthouse To Be Converted Into A Museum

  1. FallMornings on said:

    I have a question. I went to the African American Museum and had the opportunity to view the casket of Emmett Till. Was there a picture of his body anywhere in that area? I must have missed it.

  2. Kenneth Horton on said:

    No she being mixed says she is an America… When She are in the present of some people she will be classified as black ..

  3. Add a large picture of Carolyn Bryant Donham at the very top also. Ultimately she is at fault. She is nothing but pure hate. She reminds me of some white teachers nowadays. If you are a black parent with school age kids just think about this story before you blame every incident on your child.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Absolutely Linda! Put all the disgusting vile details on display for the whole world to see. That’s the problem in this country, white folks trying to white wash the ugly history of this country. Starting with history in our schools, leave those books there that tell just how bad white folks treated blacks NEVER LET THEM FORGET IT!

  5. This Emmett Till Museum should also depict the photo’s of this young man’s body in the condition that his mother Mamie Till had to identify.

    Please show what poor Emmett looked like in his coffin once those white POS got through brutalizing him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Show the true HORROR of what HATE looks like in this country!!!!!!!!!!!

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