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Mathew Knowles went on Instagram to express his happiness upon hearing that his daughter, Beyoncé, and her hubby, Jay Z, are pregnant with twins.

In his video, Mathew thanked everyone for their well wishes and noted that he is “the happiest grandfather in the world.”


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(Photo Source: Instagram)

2 thoughts on “Mathew Knowles Congratulates Beyonce & Jay Z On Pregnancy [WATCH]

  1. why is she showing her belly this time with this pregnancy? she was covered up her first pregnancy thats because she didnt carry that baby… I believe she went to the fertilization clinic for this pregnancy

  2. Alberta on said:

    Probably test tube babies…twins…twins? Really how they do that? LOL I don’t believe they’re having twins by traditional NORMAL conceptional method. They’re trying to get more attention with this twin news. Any married woman who poses nude for the pubic to see has an unusual husband..Have you ever noticed that White skinned people are the main ones posing nude..yeah even the so called black ones. what’s up wit that?

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