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With former Fox News anchor/personality Megyn Kelly‘s arrival at NBC, somebody’s got to go and that somebody is actually two people: Al Roker and Tamron Hall.

Here’s the bottom line: Kelly’s new daytime show will take over either the “Today” show’s 9am or 10am hour. Also, the NBC morning show is dumping Al Roker and Tamron Hall’s “Today’s Take” hour — which currently airs at 9am — in the process.

ET/Entertainment Tonight is reporting that according to sources, Kelly’s timeslot is still being decided, and that her show will likely start in the fall.

“She will either take over the 9 a.m. hour or the 10am hour,” one source tells ET. “If it ends up being the 10 am hour, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb will move to 9 a.m.”

Now that you’ve heard the bad news about Roker and Hall, the good news however is the 62-year-old Roker and 46-year-old Hall are not leaving the Today show or NBC. A second source with knowledge of the situation says that despite rumors, Hall is “expected to stay at the network and with the Today show family.”

“She will still fill in on the Today show at times when Savannah [Guthrie] is off,” the source says. “She will also continue her daily show on MSNBC.”

By the way, the network has made no official comments on the changes.

Here’s a fun fact: “Today’s Take” was previously fronted by Billy Bush, before he was let go after his infamous Donald Trump controversy.

Meanwhile, an NBC source previously told ET that Kelly’s new show “will not fall under the Today banner, but instead be Kelly-branded.”

As was reported earlier, Kelly, 46, announced she was leaving Fox News after 12 years to take on a new role at NBC News. As part of the multi-year agreement, Kelly will host her own daytime news program, anchor a Sunday evening news show and take part in special political programming and other breaking news coverage.

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51 thoughts on “Is Megyn Kelly Replacing Al Roker & Tamron Hall?

  1. Michelle on said:

    I loved Tamryn Hall and I love Al Roker. Regardless of whether they’re black or white. Hoping they can work out something out with Tamryn as I hear they have called a meeting. If anyone at work doesn’t want to deal with you it could be your attitude regardless of color.

      • Poor little hateful Ashley! You mad boo because your red blotchy dry skin don’t have color. Aw well continue to tan Like all of you do and maybe you can have pretty skin as well. So I hope your ugly cracker dog smelling, incest having ass can read this or is the words I’m using too big. You mad boo!

  2. Dorothy on said:

    I enjoy Al Roker, I think they need to give him more news to deliver. I like Hoda, she has the attitude we need on the Today news. I am not happy with Savannah.

  3. Donald Bennick on said:

    Do you really think anyone cares about your opinion? Don’t like, then don’t watch. Don’t like this country. Get off your winey ass and leave.

  4. Donald Bennick on said:

    Do you really think anyone cares of your opinion? Don’t like, then don’t watch. Don’t like this country. Get off your winey ass and leave.

    • PrettyASeyes on said:

      This is to the “BUT WHY” comment: Tamron Hall show was #1 among all networks for her time slot. What business man in his right mind would get rid of or move the host of a #1 show in their time slot. Let’s face the true, it’s all about the Benjamin’s.
      If you listened to Megan Kelly on FOX entertainment channel and compare her to Tamron Hall, there is no comparison. Tamron Hall wins hands down!! She does her homework by give us the real facts and not the alternative truths. We all should boycott Megan Kelly’s show.

  5. Roy Tolbert on said:

    Where is the justification in this? I am outraged! If Tamron Hall and Al Roker go, I go and the Today Show is tomorrow’s show!!

  6. The news is getting more and more WHITE …When will Black people realize that White people really DONT like us …they may” tolerate” us but they often show us how they REALLY feel by the actions…Wake Up !!!!

    • And the sad part about it it, blks haven’t done nothing to their racsit ass. I would love to knw what the hell we did to them, for them to have so much animosity towards us. I’m waiting on an answer jhuf, Chris, hoodteechie and all the other racsit that come on this site.

    • Uhh Eddie, Diane, April you do know that Barack Obama would not have won the presidency if it were not for those evil racist black people hating whites

      • Uh, u do knw how whites hung blks, made us their slaves, shot us, killed us, turned water hoses on us, all bc of the color of our skin. And u don’t think we should harbor bad feelings? Wishful thinking. I haven’t forgot what your kind did to my ancestors. I have nothing for y’all. I will continue to voice my opinion. I will not be silenced. I will not turn the other cheek. Yeah I said it!

    • Donald Bennick on said:

      I like Tameron Hall but always thought Al got his position as a token. Blacks are getting jobs to avoid looking racist, not because performance.

    • Donald Bennick on said:

      I love watching Tamron Hall. I’m white. Think Al was a token hire. Think you are a racist. Quit living in the past. I here many blacks say all that holds yo7 back is you.

      • wolfman jenkins on said:

        Theres a difference between non-racist white people racist white people that try to use black people as a ploy.these people uesed al as a ploy .

      • wolfman jenkins on said:

        Theres non-racist white people and theres stupid racist white people like ferrah Abraham that try black people as a ploy.and al roker is a ploy.

  7. Since the “new” NBC president took over a year ago or less, Black people have blatantly been dismissed from NBC/MSNBC. What they did to Melissa Harris-Perry was disgusting! I eliminate networks as they eliminate me (Joy reed does not represent this African American).

  8. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    Al Roker and Tamron Hall ARE the reason why I still watch NBC, Channel 4. If they are removed so that the racist-fascist trump supporter, faux news fox-queen can have a show (what can SHE discuss with real knowledge and intelligence?) then I will boycott this station into perpetuity.

  9. As a black reporter I can tell you we don’t have no power or contracts that reflect the thinking of The masses of people. News stations are starting to look whiter and whiter. Blacks need not apply.

    • Lilly White on said:

      You must be a “reporter” speaking like that ….”we don’t got no…” A professional newcaster would never speak like that. You just keep right on reporting…..

    • FOX news is the highest rated cable news org in the country NBC is one of the lowest, why do you think they payed an exorbitant amount of money to bring her over in the first place… they know what their getting and they want it

      • She’s not all that. She’s average at best. She’s going to be a flop on nbc. Most Ppl don’t watch fox. Just the crazys watch it.

      • Jhuff: Sooooo Fox is #1….Annnnd…so what! Do you own stock in Fox? Is their being # 1putting any money$$ in your pockets?? It always amazes me when people tout Fox as being #1 like they own Fox, or something. Bottom line is none of the media stations give a rat’s A about anything but making $$. And, my perspective is that if Fox is @1….its means that they have lots of viewers that are doing nothing but sitting around watching tv all day. Get a Life people.

      • Damn Terri! What got your painties in a wad? Sounds to me like jhuff was just stating a fact, trying to explain why Kelly is being wooed by NBC. You attacked like a rabid dog, as if it’s her fault. Lawdy! Calm down. It’s not that serious.

  10. INGRID on said:

    I dealt with cancer, treatment and many hours in front of the TV. I feel closer to a viewer Relationship. Let me know when you come to your senses, until then I will be spreading the news “the new woman” gets preference over longtime employees/family! Im glad I have lots of other channels like GOOD MORNING AMERICA!

    • Danielle McClelland on said:

      She is not fine mediocre and racist at best. Trump needs to ban her from the US instead of people that have been here for years doing the right thing by their families and communities instead we are stuck Kelly trash getting trumped and got help us all on this scouts pick

    • Fine white woman please you white men think all white women are fine until they take all that damn make up off. Then they look like the the night of the living dead. Black is beautiful and all you jealous crackers know it.

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