Malcolm X’s daughter and granddaughter have been arrested after allegedly stealing a U-Haul that carried a group of mistreated dogs, reports TMZ.

Malikah Shabazz and her daughter, Beth Shabazz, were in Maryland Wednesday when police found in their possession a box in the truck containing dogs with injuries.

Officers noted that the dogs were “kept in inhumane conditions,” according to TMZ.

Mother and daughter have been charged with seven counts of animal cruelty, vehicle theft and an additional charge of theft between $10,000 and $100,000.

They’ve been released on bail.

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(Photo Source: TMZ via Charles County Sheriff’s Office)

16 thoughts on “Malcolm X’s Daughter, Granddaughter Arrested

  1. Judy E on said:

    Unbelievable! Refugees are given free housing, food, even cars! What about our single parents trying to raise their children in deplorable conditions? Shame on the USA.

  2. Little do you know Malcom X mother was bi-racial.
    So what does that tell you??? The slave owner had something to do with their complexion…BAM!

  3. Dr. Larry on said:

    I don’t have to look for this stuff, it’s just fact. Black women have zero femininity left. Completely bred out of them.

    • peaches on said:

      It shouldn’t matter who your family is we all of issues in our family. We don’t really know what went on in that family. just like the fighting among the King children. And with the murder of the father that family been crying out for help for years.

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