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TMZ ran into Common as he was leaving LAX Wednesday and asked him about President Trump’s new threat of sending the feds in to curb violence in Chicago.

Trump tweeted Wednesday: “If Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible “carnage” going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!”

In response to Trump’s tweet, Common said of his hometown: “We need our state and local people to do things. We don’t need that type of mentality.”

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(Photo Source: TMZ)

28 thoughts on “Common Responds To Trump’s Threat On Chicago

  1. Maebaby on said:

    It’s not hating trump. It’s that he is a pathological lair who cannot be trusted
    Whatever he does is for benefit,his insatiable desire to be in public eye 24/7. Obama could have been so much more effective I he had a congress that was willing to work with him. The opposition said NO before he even expressed an idea. Yet we are supposed to give trump a pass on every (there are many) missed deeds he has done in his life. Did Obama ever receive any free paases. No. Obama was held back and held to a higher standard than any other modern day president ever. The bar has been irrevocable lowered because of Trump and his inability to be honest. He will

  2. Tony Markson on said:

    All this hating on Trump! It would do us no good as a people! Trump is the only “game” in town and we have to plan it to the full and get advantages for our community. First Step, go for HUD dollars by getting contracts, employment and funding for Urban Development Projects. It´s our Carson in charge. People, that`s our own slies of the American pie and we must go for it with full force. Obama, I voted for him twice and it has left a very dissappointed at the end. Are we really better off as a people after 8 years of Obama? Just look at the mess of Chicargo, Obama`s own backyard, what does it tell you of his “achievements” for 8 years he held the most powerful political office on earth?

  3. Opinion on said:

    Campaign promises – reduce taxes, get rid of violence, return (low paying) jobs from overseas (instead of new tech, health and entrepreneurial high paying jobs), get rid of Obamacare. Who will get tax breaks? Some will need to pay for this new “powerful”, “great” government. Reduced cash flow means reduced programs/services, government staff, etc… Son- in- law, isn’t that a conflict? What will preclude him from disclosing something to his wife (by mistake)? How is US going to pay for Feds deployed to Chicago? How many other cities will also receive help whether they ask for it or not? If Trump wants more States Rights how will he justify invading States with his unsolicited help—recommendation from Bill O’Reilly show, by the way ? Is everyone ready to start paying more for goods that we now buy cheaply from Walmart, neighborhood malls, etc? How will jobs be returned to US if they are now paying 5 per day or less to foreign workers? US workers will not work for 5 or less per day. Cities and States have budget crisis how will they handle health care and uninsured citizens that will still find insurance too costly? Obamacare was not the total solution but can some teams of experts analyze and come up with a solution to patch the system to make it work to reduce insurance costs for all? Unfortunately an entrepreneur who refuses to disclose basic tax returns and foreign relationship conflicts who needs a basic civics lesson to understand the relationship of our 3 branches of government is in charge now. A President should NOT post to Twitter without consulting with his advisors PERIOD! Our President should study and seek to gain a better understanding of the military, economy, etc… Note the stock market is up because everyone is betting and trying to ride the wave. Unfortunately it will crash very soon as soon as implementation of new policies especially costs become a reality and interest rates skyrocket, along with US government debt and when the President realizes it is not easy to run this country with so many people to please and foreign government influences. Make sure you are prepared for the challenges that will affect us all! No did not vote for Trump. But now we have 4 years of challenges ahead and will need someone to once again clean up the mess after he leaves. Politics aside, this is a new scary practical reality that everyone needs to determine how it will affect you and the people you care about.

  4. Maebaby on said:

    Trump is a lair. He lies every time he opens his mouth. He’s only about himself. Explain to me how ANY African American can support Trump who spent the last 7 years falsely accusingly President Obama of not only being un-American, but also not being an American citizen. The same thing Trump did to Obama he’s going to do to the rest of us regular black folk. Remember you ca fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but not ALL of the people ALL of the time. Where do you fit end? Trump has diarrhea of the month and need to shut the f**k up!


  6. Tony Tee on said:

    Two things that are guaranteed to happen. Nuclear winter or the second coming of Christ. They’re both guaranteed, but the only question is which will come first??????

  7. THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR TRUMP…just listen to him talk…the only word he knows to use to describe what he “PLANS” to do is….”it’ll be GREAT”…no matter what this nut talks about…..”it’ll be GREAT”….he has no details, no proof to back up what he claims and really doesn’t know how to expound on ANYTHING he speaks on….it’s really pitiful….. I’m trying to give him a chance and Lord, no…I did NOT vote for him but he’s there now…. I swear….It is so hard listening to a NUT speak……

    • Lol. U sound like me. Except for the part of trying to give him a chance. He had nothing coming from me on that end. I always knw he was cra cra. But I couldn’t have said that better myself. Smh. I knw there’s a lot of ppl out there that have buyers remorse. They won’t admit it, but they own this clown now.

    • Dee Dee on said:

      Okay, you people didn’t even give Trump a chance yet. But since Trump says he will call in Troops in Chicago if that (Do Nothing Chicago Mayor) doesn’t do anything about the VAST Killings going on in their City for soooo long, NOW these Blacks have a problem with that? Please, Common and the rest of you sit down. Yet, the peo. and Mayor and also the so-called Black President Obama has not done ANYTHING about Chicago’s killings, and anything to help uplift and fight or speak up for our Black people in Chicago. I know one thing, when Brother Pharaoh Allah and Sara Suten Seti go to Chicago on Sun. 1/29/17, THEY BETTER BE PROTECTED. These two brothers will be there to speak to us Black people on how they are to live, protect, fight, help out our own race economically, spiritually, morally, etc. We all need to watch and listen to them. Be aware Family, and support our Brothers and Sister that want to help heal our Black People.

    • valorie Gordon on said:

      I totally agree. IT’S GOING TO BE GREAT..what will he put in the place of Obama Care…”something really great” he talks with the language of a very slow 8 year old. Trump is good at real estate but even with that he was hateful toward African American people.

  8. FallMornings on said:

    Something needs to be done to curb the violence in Chicago. If Common was so concerned with stopping the violence, why didn’t he do something? Why talk no, when you sat on the side-lines all those years and said nothing. Now, if he did, please enlighten me.

  9. What’s wrong with you negros in Chicago? Your local government not doing anything about the killing. Don’t
    Y’all want the killings to stop.? It’s time to clean this mess up. And when they clean your city, head to Memphis Tenn and clean that crap. This killing has to stop, and oh by the way, ask this Common if he lives there on the South side? I bet he lives in a nice gated community where he’s protected by the security guard who will ask you this question. ” Can you tell me who you are visiting and what’s the nature of your business?
    Go ahead and ask Common if you can come visit him.
    He remind me of the senators telling us black folk we don’t need Obama care and they have great insurance and you don’t have any. Wake the hell up Negros.

  10. Proof positive just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you have “common” sense
    For eight years state and for dam sure local gov have done nothing but let the carnage rain I guess Common would prefer to leave things as they are,
    One thing about it if Trump is able to stop the madness a lot of the black plantation overseers will look like jackasses

    • jHUF – I don’t understand why you are on this site??!!!! You negativity on everything dealing with the African American community is astounding!! If you have nothing good or positive to say – STFU!!!

      • Your confused my dear In matters of race seems everyone else on this site has something negative to say
        Trump wants to do something about the carnage affecting blacks in Chicago and people on this site respond with name calling and defamation, seems years of training have converted you into the typical Plantation Negro you think only a liberal Democrat can save you even when their selling you down the river

    • Hey fool the stock market was 6000 when Obama became prez. It’s 20000 now and it’s not bc of the the rascit in Cheif. Your ppl always want to take credit for the good things but not the bad things. This country was falling off a damn cliff before Obama took office and he pulled it back. We are better off now than we were 8 yrs ago. That’s a fact. No alternative facts here. Go to fox noise to get those alt facts.

      • well we wont take credit for the 20 trillion dollar deficit Obama has run up, that’s a lot of foodstamps and Obama phones

  11. Chump is not a politician-he is a businessman and he was bad at that!!!!!
    He had to declare bankruptcy over seven times. He left Atlantic City in shambles
    after his casinos went bust.

    This is why his dumb ass has surrounded himself with people who can assist him on the day to day job of being the POTUS.

    He needs to see the wizard -he doesn’t have a BRAIN!!!!!!!

    This fool and his minions are going to run this country into the ground.

    I hope those folks who broke their necks casting their votes for him will be happy with the end results!!!!!!!!!

    • hoodtechie on said:

      just like Obama had no experience being potus,he was just a community organizer.he surrounded himself with yes men.he single handily doubled the the amount of people on welfare & food stamps,increased the number of low wage jobs,made insurance for working people extremely high not to mention increasing our country’s debt by the tune of 10 trillion dollars,yeah he he knew what hes doing,not!!!.glad he’s gone he or hillary had no business holding that office because neither one knew what the hell they were doing,just trying to turn this country into some socialist utopia,now look where we’re at.

      • Don’t forget about the healthcare he hot passed. With or without republithugs. He cut gas prices. Your 401k is making money and unemployment is down, yes for blks also, so is the poverty rate. What did the republithugs do to help Obama? Not a damn thing. But they are ready to help the racsit in Cheif to get things done, that will ruin this rascit country.

      • Actually [Diane} unemployment among black youths is highest it’s ever been
        Obamacare is only cheap to those getting taxpayer subsides
        Increased OPEC production cut gas prices Obama restricted oil exploration which would have caused fuel prices to sky rocket had it not been for that.
        What did Obama do to work with Rep’s…not a dam thing
        Trump hasn’t been in office a week and the stock market (401k) are in the stratosphere
        Something not achieved by Obama in 8 years

      • Dee Dee on said:

        Ha ! Your right. LOL Obama and Hillary had no right to hold office. Look at the state they both put us in. Thank GOD Hillary did not win the Presidency. But you dumb ass Negro bots still love Hillary, and have no clue about Hillary’s Evil Criminal past. Don’t you know she called you Blacks “Predators” and called Hispanics “Needy”.

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