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Even before it was announced that she filed for divorce from estranged husband Clifford “T.I.,” Harris, Tameka “Tiny” Harris was making regular headlines about the rocky state of her marriage. In the weeks since the divorce announcement, her estranged husband has disclosed very little to the media. Well, their saga took an interesting turn recently when Tiny posted a video that led some fans to believe a reconciliation may be on the way.

While posting an Instagram Live video, which allows you to see questions from fans/followers in real-time, a fan asked Tiny about the status of her marriage to T.I. and that’s when she provided a very unexpected answer.

In the video she says, “He need to come back to me, baby. He need to come on back to me… I’m where I’m supposed to be at!”

Hmmm, does this mean that she is indeed waiting on T.I. to come back to her and the relationship as a new man? Or is she simply teasing fans with what they want to hear? Surely time will tell, as their relationship status is heavily monitored and commented about on social media.

You can check out Tiny’s video with her response about her relationship BELOW:

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TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee Instagram: @Kyle.Anfernee Video Via: @iamatlien A couple of weeks ago Tiny Harris filed for divorce from T.I. but it looks like there may still be hope for the two! _________________________________ Relationships can be tough #Roommates but sometimes you have to walk away for the other person to see what they’re truly missing out on. Tiny recently appeared on Instagram Live and it looks like TIP may get another chance if he gets it together. _________________________________A fan asked Tiny about her relationship status, She said: _________________________________ “He need to come back to me, baby. He need to come on back to me… I’m where I’m supposed to be at!” _________________________________ #Roommates –Read more at

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3 thoughts on “Tiny Says T.I. Needs To Come Back To Her

  1. Don’t go back T.I. You can’t move forward looking in the rear view mirror. Put a period (.) at the end of it and keep it moving. Keep being a great dad to your 6 children and a good person to Tiny and yourself and let it go.
    SN: Leave all those other skanks alone too don’t catch a disease you can’t cure.

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