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global-intent-columbiaThe Global Intent, the premier black millennial travel group, has officially launched its website, The Global Intent is an exclusive travel group specializing in global volunteerism from the Black Millennial perspective.

Travelers, otherwise known as “The Crew,” from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to join. Chief Experience Officer, Jada M. Davis, is passionate about history and culture preservation, resulting in destinations that are favorable towards locations that comprise the African diaspora.

Destinations include, but not limited to, Nicaragua, Colombia, Jamaica, Curacao, Cuba, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and the entire continent of Africa.

“We define volunteerism as an integrated combination of intentional tourism; the genuine impulse to help, and wanderlust to experience cultures abroad,” explains Davis.

The Global Intent is committed to “doing good” as part of their mission to serve, while encouraging others to discover the world for themselves. The service projects range from renovating elementary schools in impoverished countries, to participating in urban farming in eco-conscious communities, installing solar panels in villages, and even personal development workshops for global racial equality.

“In our efforts to encourage global discovery we support the Hardly Home Initiative, The Passport Program,” Davis says. “Its mission is to inspire our youth by engaging them through travel and study abroad opportunities. In doing so, we will be providing them with the tools and information needed for global leadership and success, starting with a passport.

A donation to the Passport Program will be contributed at the conclusion of every Global Intent Experience.

Follow The Global Intent and see the good that they’re doing on Facebook and Instagram!

(Photo Source: Instagram)

3 thoughts on “Black Millennials Turn Vacations into “Do Good” Projects Abroad

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