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Jamal Parris, Spencer LeGrande, Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg, the four men who accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual coercion back in 2010 said Monday that they will publish a book on how the megachurch pastor affected their lives. Their lawsuit against him was settled in May 2011. A fifth accuser, Centino Kemp, came forward as the lawsuit entered a mediation process. An undisclosed financial settlement was reached soon after.

As word spread Sunday about Long’s death after an alleged bout with cancer — the four young men, all in their mid-to-late-20s now — shared with the media their thoughts about the pastor’s legacy.

“We’ve been hearing from people from all walks of life — the media, celebrities, gospel singers — wanting to hear what we think,” said Spencer LeGrande.

LeGrande, Robinson and Flagg told The AJC Sunday that they’ll have their say when the timing is right.

“As much as we’d like to make a statement about the passing of Bishop Eddie Long, we’ve all decided to remain silent, for now,” Long’s accusers said in a joint response given exclusively to The AJC. They said Jamal Parris also consented to the statement.

“We’re all brothers in this,” LeGrande said. “Our perspectives will be addressed in our book, “Foursaken,” which we hope to release soon.”

The men still shopping for a publisher for the book, which will focus on their lives after cutting ties with the controversial senior pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia.

The lack of a strong male influence was a common link among Long’s male accusers. Though Bishop Long never addressed the allegations directly, he said in a sermon earlier this year he had considered suicide.

“I had a moment. … I had a moment. … I wanted to kill myself and was ready,” he said, thanking his family and congregants for not judging him.

Bishop Long’s memorial service is set for Jan. 25, the church said Monday.

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21 thoughts on “Men Who Sued Eddie Long Speak Out About His Death

  1. larry stewart on said:

    My question is why did those you men stay in that situation for so long , I mean it never seem as though they were locked and hidden and couldn’t get free, or had death threats, seems to me they enjoyed the benefits and are just as guilty as the Bishop for continuing to go as far as it did. MR. LS

  2. B.Woodhouse on said:

    Yes sin is sin period and God will judge,people let’s remember God is all power and the devil has power but God has all power and to think that you are above him,impossible here is the proof what everyone is debating about.You cannot do wrong and get away with it,you will be judged what happens in the dark will surely come out in the light!

  3. This is so messy,writing a book? You guy’s need to seat your ass down, if your doing this its not about your story, It’s about GREEDY! this is over and done with, this guy’s are broke and doing this for coins, AND THEY ARE STILL ABOUT THAT LIFE!sorry what happened to these guy’s, they need to shut up,keep there mouth closed,Enough let Bishop rest in peace.

    • RENO2AC on said:

      Why do they need to sit down!?!? WHYYY!!????? No one had a problem with Eddie Long making MILLIONS of dollars IN THE NAME OF JESUS while stealing from his “charitable foundation.” Please. They have a RIGHT to tell their story.

  4. Special 757 or whatever it is get a life the rare times I am in this site you are sprouting off sometimes it seems just to be heard or seen hence your profile pic like I

  5. Amazing how allegations (claims, accusations) are now facts. If you weren’t there stop talking about things as if it is fact, because you simply don’t know what happened. Before any of you talk about payouts, did you receive one? Did you review paperwork stating what the payouts were for? If not, close your mouths, act like adults and get a life! You better hope no one ever accuses you of something so heinous or tells your secret stuff that will embarrass your God, destroy your legacy, destroy and embarrass your family and that may never be proven. And for all of you wishing Bishop Eddie Long to hell, you better hope you don’t look up one day and find yourselves there. Make sure you’re right with the Lord yourselves. Romans 10 and I John 1:9. None of us has the right to condemn anyone to hell.

    • RENO2AC on said:

      Please stop. He did it. EVERYONE knows he did it, so please stop. Do you think his wife was going to divorce him because he did NOT do it? I’m a Christian who could not stomach the man, and I believe that because he did know that Lord that he repented and asked for forgiveness. I do believe that, and I do not have a heaven nor a hell to put him in. However, stop acting as though this man settled with FIVE (didn’t know about the fifth one) young men because he did NOTHING wrong.

      • I won’t stop giving MY OPINION. My point is since we were not there and are not the All Seeing, All Knowing God, EVERYONE doesn’t know what really happened; we just have our opinions about it.

  6. Naomi Feliciano on said:

    Evil lurks in church’s. If you are not been awaken, then you are just another money dropper in the till. Some many are being abused, GET OUT, and seekto

  7. Naomi Feliciano on said:

    specialt757, God does not agree with you or any other rapist claims “Class”. You lost your mind. You were not raped, these men were. How on this earth do you think God is hung up on “class”. This man violated human life, more important then your comments.

  8. Eddie Long should be the “devil’s playmate.”
    He certainly does not deserve to go to HEAVEN.

    He was a HYPOCRITE and a damn PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope he rots in HELL!!!!!!!

  9. specialt757 on said:

    Only speak when spoken too. I don’t protect “evil-doers” period whether in church on the street. AGAIN in case you missed it the first time I DON’T THINK IT’S CLASSY. I can agree anyone at any time has a right to write and publish a book to tell their life’s story. just because I don’t think it’s classy not talk about it today, because believe me they will be talking about it for $$$ coming real soon, doesn’t mean I have to agree with you or that I’m protecting anyone. I think it’s disgusting for anyone to take advantage of anyone else no matter who they are. I think sexual predators, rapists, child molesters, and anyone remotely close to fitting those descriptions should die a painful death. But I’m also a realist and know that everyone has an agenda, if they didn’t this book would be free.

      • BforBlack on said:

        Specialt757, you are not making a bit of sense. Would it have been classy to say something now? They have everyright (and it is commendable) to not say anything now and wait for the man to be buried. They also have every right to publish a book about their ordeal with this so-called man of the cloth who apparently did sexually abuse them (remember, he settled out of court). Whatever they need to do to heal from that horrible experience is their’s to do. Stop protecting the evil-doers in church no matter who they are or claim to be.

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