1/13/17- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with White House Correspondent April Ryan to talk about her 20-year career on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. She also talks about Donald Trump’s relationship with the Press.

How is it working in the White House?

“There is no other place like it. I came in and I replaced someone who was there for 17 years. I found out the hard way about things.”

On Trump’s relationship with the Press:

“I saw a difference from Wednesday compared to what he did months ago. I think he did well up until he got into Jim from CNN. That was an ugly moment.”

Click the link below to hear the entire interview.


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One thought on “White House Correspondent April Ryan Talks Trump’s Relationship With The Press

  1. June rzosa on said:

    Ms April. Watched Spicers speaking to u today like a child in a nasty harsh voice. As a 73 year old American who felt so sorry for the way you were treated By Spicer this day I pray he will learn manners. Humility love for others as well as respect. Makes you wonder how he treats his spouse and mother. Bless you for holding your tongue. My mouth would have been going. And oh yes to anyone who reads this don’t think I wrote this because of skin color because I am white! I

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