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She’s not done yet!

First Lady Michelle Obama made her first public appearance after her husband’s moving farewell address to the nation on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

The episode had some riveting moments–from regular Americans recording thank you videos to FLOTUS, only to be surprised by her in person, to a tribute to Michelle from Stevie Wonder himself, who serenaded the first lady with ‘Isn’t She Lovely,’ and ‘My Cherie Amore.’

Take a look:

Photo Gallery:

Michelle Obama’s Best Style Moments
50 photos

(Photo: PR)


3 thoughts on “First Lady Michelle Obama Visits ‘Fallon’, Stevie Wonder Performs

    • Jackie on said:

      Ur a sick mofo. At least she didn’t pose nude bitch. Ur new whatever u want to call her is never seen with her husband. They show no affection towards each other. He shows more affection to his daughter than he does to his plagerist wife.

  1. AWSOME!!!!
    I’m gonna miss our BEAUTIFUL FLOTUS!!!!!!

    Now watch the HATERS come on this website and spew some UGLY mess!!!!!

    Screw them all with broomsticks!!!!!!

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