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Those who are interested in the running beef between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy should be interested in learning how all the stupidity began.

To that end, Soulja Boy is spilling the tea about the situation. The ATL rapper says his beef with the R&B singer was caused by his relationship with Rihanna.

Soulja, along with Floyd Mayweather, sat down with “Hollywood Unlocked” blogger Jason Lee and provided details of the events leading up to him comforting Rihanna after she was assaulted by Brown in 2009.

“What he really mad about is that I was with Rihanna, you know what I’m saying? And no one would have never knew that, n*gga, if he hadn’t come and started tripping about Karrueche,” he explained in the interview.

Soulja claims he at the Grammy Awards party moments before the infamous dispute occurred, and was informed by his manager that Rihanna was interested in attending one of his concerts shortly afterwards.

“I’m a young n*gga from the hood from Atlanta I never had nothing in my whole life, that’s Rihanna n*gga, she the biggest R&B artist and she just got humiliated. ’You can come to the show,” he continued.

He went on to explain how he kicked his alleged girlfriend at the time, Teyana Taylor, off of his tour bus to get some one-on-one time with Rihanna. While he denied ever having sex with Rihanna, Soulja Boy revealed that Chris Brown questioned the nature of his relationship with the “Umbrella” singer in a similar manner that he’d questioned his relationship with Karrueche Tran recently.

Meanwhile, Boxing Floyd Mayweather and Jason Lee couldn’t help but laugh as Soulja Boy recounted the start of their beef. Soulja Boy went on to call out Chris Brown for allegedly jacking his swag and took some not so subtle jabs at the singer in light of their upcoming boxing match.

“So when we get in the ring, n*gga, treat me like I’m Rihanna, n*gga, beat me like you did Rihanna, n*gga, see what the f*ck happens…and Rihanna come to the fight, and Karrueche come to the fight and you know they can’t wait to see this n*gga get his a** beat,” he concluded.

Check out Soulja Boy’s full interview with Jason Lee below.


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(Photo Source: Hollywood Unlocked YouTube screenshot)