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As the end of an era approaches, President Obama’s photographer Pete Souza recently shared some of his favorite pictures of the POTUS and the First Family.

All of them were taken either by me or a White House photographer on my staff. For many of the images, I’ve included the backstory behind the image to provide further context or to share why that image was particularly important to me, Souza wrote for Medium.

He added that the selection process was a very personal one.

“Yes, there are some historic moments included but mostly I was looking for behind-the-scenes moments that give people a more personal look at the President and First Lady. And I’ve included a few that I thought were just cool photos.

Take a look!

One of our personal favorites:

Man, why do they have to leave?

Looking Back: Our Favorite Michelle Obama Magazine Covers
14 photos

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3 thoughts on “White House Photographer Shares His Favorite Obama Photos Of 2016

  1. Rosco P Coaltrain on said:

    Why are people today on Yahoo saying communistic things about the Obama’s on vacation?
    Heck from what they have had to put up with in the last 8 years they should still be on one. And as far as the cost of the vacations…..they should have taken more with all the disrespect they have been shown as The Commander and Chief of the USA. I am boycotting Yahoo for allowing all the disrespect (which as a Marine I call TREASON) to be published and stupid, ignorant, racist, disrespectful remarks. I see now why Yahoo was hacked. They are promoting ignorance and TREASON against the USA. I left a long message to the editors of Yahoo explaining their own treasonous acts for allowing BS like that on their platform. After today (and after I have blasted all the ignorant, racist and stupid, treasonous KKK members on their site) I will no longer pull up Yahoo and will delete them from my list of websites. Black man get in the oval office and there is no such thing as treason anymore huh? America better wake up.

  2. The photo that I will always remember during the Obama years is of the Prez in the Oval office with a young man of color touching Barack’s hair to see if the texture is like his.

    Contrary to what some may believe-the election and two-term Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama took the blinders off and showed us how UGLY this country can truly be.

    His presidency in 2008 was to inspire a possibly “Post-Racist” Amerykah-however, we saw
    mucho HATRED instead.

    This INTELLIGENT man and beautiful Wife and Family were called everything but children of God. Yet through it all-they kept their poise and held their heads high.

    No matter how hard both the media and the GOP tried-they could not come up with any type of SCANDAL against Barack.

    I never thought that is country would ever elect a man of color to the WH. I was wrong.
    There will no doubt NEVER be another one-nor a FEMALE elected in my lifetime!!!!!!

    I wish nothing but Peace and Luv to our Commander in Chief and First Lady!!!!!!

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