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Organizers for the Martin Luther King Jr. Dreamfest in Cary, North Carolina, recently back peddled on a decision to include former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal in a panel discussion during the event in January, reports the News & Observer.

Town officials announced Wednesday that the disgraced ex-president of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP will no longer participate in a panel on racial identity after a noticeably negative response from community members, writes the news outlet:

Jireh Management Group, who had booked Dolezal as part of Cary’s annual MLK celebration, decided to remove her from the panel at the urging of community members, Doug McRainey, Cary’s director of parks, recreation and cultural resources, said Wednesday.

“They made the decision about two weeks ago to remove her from the diversity summit, which we support,” McRainey said. “We had two focus group meetings with citizens and pastors, and I think the feeling was that her presence would take away from the goals of the Dreamfest.”

When Dolezal’s involvement in Dreamfest was announced in the fall, it drew attention from national media outlets –  – and some local criticism. A group of eight Cary clergy wrote a letter to town officials in October expressing their concerns with Dolezal’s inclusion, “considering the overwhelmingly negative response of the African-American community to her behavior.”

In October, Dolezal was criticized once again for profiteering off the Black experience after announcing plans to release her memoirs, reports the New York Daily News.

SOURCE: News & ObserverNew York Daily News

(Photo Source: AP)

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11 thoughts on “Rachel Dolezal Axed From North Carolina MLK Diversity Summit

  1. Here is what I have never heard a black person ask…was she doing a good job as president of Spokane NAACP? If she was, what difference does color make?

  2. Same thing with white boy Shaun King. He stole money from Oprah, raised money for Haiti that can’t be accounted for, denies his his birth father. He is just a schemer taking advantage of the true black community.

    • sometimes its hard to find one’s identity in a world of black privilege. that’s extreme, but i know it could rarely happen. you might think falsely white people always get the heads up. i might be one of the few people who have experienced the other kind of racism. you know it exists. who else is called the devil but white people? Black people i used to work with whined like babies because i had the same job for the same pay rate and they thought somehow i got the job with white privilege even though i even had more experience. i saw rachel dolezal make a fool of herself on a talk show and think it’s a crazy story. i know people can identify with different cultures but she was not intellectual about it at all. shaun king looks white but so does tom joyner to me. he’s bald and has a really straight mustache. he is probably mixed but it’s also weird when mixed people deny their white roots.

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