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12/31/16- Rev. Al Sharpton talks to the TJMS about the importance of Christmas and reminding us to not forget the true meaning of the Christian holiday. Listen above.


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5 thoughts on “Rev. Sharpton Reminds Us To Remember The Real Meaning Of Christmas

  1. Chump was elected on a platform of HATE. The folks who voted for him harbored a serious hate-on for President Barack H. Obama!!!!!!

    Chump fed into these POS’s Fear of others and Xenophobia!!!!!!!
    Some of the GOP didn’t even wish to endorse or vote for his dumb ass!!!!!!

    The GOP is done-there needs to be an INDEPENDENT third party that speaks to and addresses the needs of the working class folks and not the STATUS QUO.

    • The GOP is done???? Thanks to Barry, republicans have picked up more than 2000 legislative seats, local, municipal, state and federal. Thank you Barry.

  2. chris–I luv how you can speak for the entire African American community–NOT!!!!!
    Sharpton is what he is. As far as people of color looking up to him as a role model and being a follower-HELL NO!!!!!

    However, I do agree with Sharpton regarding folks having forgotten what Christmas is really all about.

    People are more interested in shopping and blowing up their plastic than celebrating the Birth of Christ. They have also forgotten that their is a higher person in charge–GOD!!!!!

    It ain’t about how much $$$ you spend-but that the gift comes from your heart!!!!!!!

  3. Al Sharpton is one of the many reasons Trump was elected. He is a race hustler who looks out for just himself. He is a tax cheat, who, if was white, would have been jailed like Martha Stewart. Al makes his money from leftists by keeping the black community in the dark. While the black community continues to look to Sharpton for guidance, the Republicans will continue winning seats.

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