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UPDATE: Tamar Braxton has walked back her comments on The Real via, of course, social media. After appearing on the T.D. Jakes show, where she said her departure from the talk show was ‘God’s protection’ she posted this response to her fans on Instagram.

This was my answer… I was only joking …..which I guess is the OLD word for shade) ..Like that’s not what I would normally do…FYI…I don’t wish ANYONE harm, bad luck, or cancelations, but I truly wish the girls, AND the real good luck and may God smile upon you! NOW… Can we put the “so called feud” to rest?? [love] ya!! I’m not sitting at home crying… God is GOOD thanks @bishopjakes and @tdjakesshow for having our family and being helpful and amazing to us as u always are it HURTS my heart that people would call you a liar and or messy!!!..u are an AMAZING person, father, talk show host and Bishop and it’s not FAIR that people are trying to tarnish the man of God that you TRULY are over a tv show…#imsorry #notfair #neitherisfavor #bfv #t&v coming soon (I’m apologizing to the bishop fOr some of YALL!!!…NOT for ME being ME??)


Tamar Braxton recently got real about “The Real” with talk show host Bishop T.D. Jakes.

When asked about the show’s well-documented ratings dip since her firing in May, she quipped“Whew Lord, ain’t that terrible. Lord Jesus. Pump em Lord. Save it. Resuscitate it.” 

But when Jakes asked her if she would come back to the show if asked, she replied: “Well you know what, I would have to really pray about it and think about it. Because at the end of the day, I have to pay attention to why God removed me from that situation. And I believe He removed me from that situation to protect me from that situation.” 

Braxton also opened up about what she learned from the entire debacle.

“I just learned that I have to take the good with the bad. And I have to learn— I did learn that things are only for a season. I know we used to hear that. We hear that from you. I used to hear that from my parents growing up. But I didn’t really, really learn that until now. Like, that situation, the relationships that I built at that time, that was just for that season.

She added, “And I have to be grateful for that season and I am. And I’m happy I had a chance to be in that seat and in that situation. But I have to take the things that I learned, in that season, and move on with the rest of my life.”

Braxton didn’t spend the entire sit down discussing her former employer—she also spoke about why her upcoming album is favorite thus far and how she and her husband Vince want to have another baby.

“The most beautiful thing that has come about me being a mother, is that I want more kids.”

Braxton was also joined on the show with her sisters and mother, having a little fun:

And harmonizing a bit:


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