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Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown

Life for Nick Gordon hasn’t been easy since the untimely passing of famous girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown. The daughter of Whitney Houston died under mysterious circumstances last year. Since then, her estate sued Gordon for her death and recently won their case. A judge in Atlanta ordered Gordon to pay $36 million in damages to the Brown family estate.

Since the ruling, sources claim Gordon doesn’t have anywhere near that kind of money to pay out, and even worse, he’s struggling to get a job.

A man named Logan Harris, who claims to be Nick Gordon’s cousin, says that Gordon “wants to get financially stable but he can’t get a job because it will go to the lawsuit. He is looking at filing for bankruptcy.”

Harris also claims that Gordon is still battling depression in the wake of Brown’s death and the ruling over the lawsuit.

“Nick’s really depressed right now,” Harris said. “He wants to get a job to be financially stable but anything he makes will all go to the lawsuit.”

Gordon is allegedly living with his mother in Sanford, Florida and trying to get his life back on track, but he’s crippled with stress.

“Before he would go out to eat and have a few drinks, now he doesn’t go out at all,” Harris said, claiming Gordon “can’t do or say anything at all, its like he’s in prison with the lawsuit.”

Back in October, a source close to the 26-year-old told PEOPLE that Gordon spends most of his days “watching TV and surfing the net” – and that he’s still mourning Brown’s death.

“He’s not doing well at all,” says the source. “He is low energy, just really unhappy. He knew that it was a big deal for him to appear in court, but he just couldn’t do it. So he skipped it and the judgement was entered against him. He’s just in a dark place.”

Remembering Bobbi Kristina Brown
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7 thoughts on “Nick Gordon Is Struggling To Find A Job

  1. Tim green on said:

    That wrongful death judgement against him was bullshit anyways, Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston are the ones to blame for their daughters death

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