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3 thoughts on “Will There Be A Smoking Ban In Public Housing?

  1. My friends, I don’t always smoke, but when I do, I smoke the fine El Presidente’ Cigar, with its latex tip to protect us against exposure to dangerous bodily fluids (in these times of HIV/AIDS and Ebola and Zika) and second-hand tobacco carcinogens. And for the lovely ladies, there is the fine Elle Monica Cigar, more petite and feminine than the massively-endowed El Presidente fine cigar. El Presidente’ and Elle Monica fine cigars: “Safe Sex, Safe Smoke.”

  2. We smokers have been treated like we’ve got The Plague for too long! With all the drugs, guns, killings, rapes, air pollution from cars and trucks, diseases like HIV/AIDS and Zika to worry about, I guess our politicians and news media are more concerned about a little second-hand smoke.

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