69 people have been shot & killed by police since Donald Trump was elected President. Yet most of us could not name a single one of those victims because for most of this month, and I understand it, I’m one of you, we’ve been so terrified of what it means that Donald Trump will be our next President, that it has made it difficult to actively think about much else. That’s the Donald Trump effect. He is so flagrant, so dishonest, so problematic, that he has a way of sucking the wind out of every issue and problem we are facing, but let me say this…

While I absolutely believe that we need to be concerned about Donald Trump, and keep our eyes on him – with him as President – most of the changes we want and need to see are going to happen at local, citywide level. When Donald Trump put a white supremacist as his Chief Strategist, it was an immediate sign that he had very few intentions on taking our issues and concerns seriously. We knew that going in, but he confirmed it right out the box.

That’s why, on this coming Monday, December the 5th, on the anniversary of the historic Montgomery Bus Boycott, we are launching the Injustice Boycott, in cities all over the country, to hold local politicians, police departments, and businesses accountable for the systemic injustice and police brutality that happens in those cities.

For 3 months, behind the scenes, we’ve been planning and strategizing on how this boycott will work in order for it to actually effect the changes we want and need to see happen and part of our strategy has required us to hold our cards very close to our chest until we launch on Monday.

You can sign up now at InjusticeBoycott.com, but please allow me to give you a sneak peak of how this is going to go down, because we’re going to need all hands on deck.

First, we are going to particularly target cities with Democratic and so-called progressive leaders. Part of the reason President Obama has struggled to get anything of substance done on police brutality is because it’s a local problem. What’s wild is that most major cities in America have Democratic and progressive leaders who have done next to nothing of substance to seriously address issues of injustice and police brutality in their cities. When we launch the Injustice Boycott on Monday, you are going to see, right away, that we are going to add extra pressure on cities with leaders that we helped elect. We’ve been giving too many leaders a free ride for far too long.

Secondly, when we launch on Monday, we are launching a national boycott, let me tell you how we’re doing it. On Monday, we are announcing the first 3 cities that we are targeting. We aren’t just asking people living in those cities to participate, but we are asking the entire country, the entire world even, to help us creatively boycott those cities. In addition to the first 3 cities that we will announce on Monday, we will announce the basic framework for how the boycott will work and a list of the top 10 cities that will follow.

This method, of a rolling boycott, will allow us to build a strong base, then on King Day, 2017, which is Monday, January 16th, just days before the presidential inauguration, we are going to roll out Phase 2 of our boycott.

And I want to close with this thought, we chose the anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and then King Day to be the days that we launch our efforts because we want to remind people of the methods and organizing that have actually worked for us in the past. God bless all of us who go out and pick up trash on King Day, but Dr. King was about much more that picking up trash, he was about revolutionizing the very systems in our country, and we must get to a point where our organization matches our outrage.

That’s easier said than done. On most days, I’m more outraged than organized, because we have something new to be angry about every single day, but this boycott, which we see as a long term organizing tool, is not about lessening our outrage, but is about increasing our organizational ability to act all across this country.

Let’s get work. Sign up at InjusticeBoycott.com and get ready to join us on Monday, December 5th.

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6 thoughts on “The Injustice Boycott Launches Monday December 5th

  1. how many police officers have been killed in the line of duty since Obama took office? thats what concerns me, not 69 Michel Browns

    • How many were killed before he took office? Are you just ignorantly assuming that a Black President causes more police killings? Why? Because, as so many white false claims pretend that he encouraged the killing of police? How? Because he somehow lied? How? When? About what?

      You can’t answer any of that. That is because the liars and truth spinners you absorb haven’t provided you with any real answers, much less truth. You are a hopeless and pathetic puppet.

      Your one possible salvation is that you at least ask questions. Here’s a clue: don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to anyone! Do your own research. Consult sources that are not in your “bubble” while you are at it.

      Good luck, you’re going to need it, because you have been conditioned. Here is my last help to you: no matter what anyone says, look closely, with an unchained mind: you don’t find apples on a pear tree. Those who say different are lying for control of you.

  2. Saundra Leonard on said:

    You know I would like to put my name to the boycott but I am in Guadalajara Mexico I’m going OG Queen I’m afraid to make comments on YouTube anymore because it just isn’t cool to put your name out there but I’m with you at heart be careful

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