VH1 is handing out pink slips to the cast of “Basketball Wives LA.” Insiders say that some of your favorites will not be returning for season 6.

Shaunie O’Neal, Tami Roman and Jackie Christie will return. However, Malaysia Pargo, Brandi Maxiell, Angle Brinks, Angel Love and DJ Duffey will not be back as official cast members.

My Baby for life…so proud of her @malaysiainthecity. #bestie #sohappy

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According to a source, “The network wanted to shake things up, so they didn’t renew contracts for Malaysia, Brandi, DJ Duffey, Angel Brinks and Angel Love.”


😂😂😂 this was funny to me. A BTS clip in Portugal the day of my birthday

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While they won’t be official cast members, they may make a few appearances, according to which reported this story first.

“None of them will be full-time, but the network is giving them the opportunity to make a few cameos. We’ll have to see how filming plays out.”

Production on the reality series begins December 2nd.

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57 thoughts on “Shaunie O’Neal Fires Five Basketball Wives From LA Cast

  1. I think it was a bad business decision to fire Brandi and Malaysia. The fans loved them and ratings aka money was great for producers. This new yet older cast is obviously a purely emotionial one, not financial.

    • Raymond on said:

      When will tami punk evelyn the woman that has stood toe to toe with her talked about her and even made fun of her,and with that being said she told her that she slept with kenny anderson while she was still married to him,so see tami is a coward

      • Raymond on said:

        Evelyn has made tami look like a dumb ass fool she slept with her man and talk shit to her when she feels like it ! ! !

  2. RICKIE L BETHANY on said:

    WRONG MOVE MS. O’NEAL ON KEEPING Jackie Christy…….

    • Yes jackie is like kenya from atlanta housewives. She do stuff and pretend she doesnt realize what she do im so over them. Im not looking at basketball wives anymore its just looking too old now now mam and i cant take jackie anyway.lost my rating !

    • Barbara caffey on said:

      I AGREE. JACKIE CHRISTIE IS A PSYCHO B$%#@& and I guess I won’t be watching it at all anymore until they take Jackie off for good!!

  3. Ann: tami is an old ghetto rats who needs to go. That young kid don’t need to have a baby with that old bag. Run for you life from this mess.

  4. Shaunie gets on my nerves riding on Shaqs coat tails with her fake self. Jackie doesnt fit in as she looks too grandma. And Tammi is just plain hood. Yes its time to hang it up ladies.

  5. VH1 canceled Miami for a reason I’m just confused how Shaunie thinks the same cast but only OLDER is going to be a better look. They looked crazy doing all that fighting and bullying when they were younger how the hell are they going to look now? Hopefully they take the show in a classy direction leave the fighting and bickering in season 5. But wait I probably won’t watch because I live for a Draya KO punch…Living vicariously LOL!

  6. depetadeg on said:

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  7. Kristy on said:

    Hey do you guys realize that some of the things in the show are made to be ugly and nasty. Even though it’s a REALITY SHOW it’s not real. Also y’all mad at these folks and for what??? U mad cause vh1 cuts out things and makes it seems like it’s like that. These people are getting paid and u arent. I know yall mad at what they said and did but coming on here attacking people or calling them out they name ain’t gonna stop shit. They gonna keep wearing them designer shit, they gonna keep talking and making them checks. That’s the problem we as women like to hurt each other when we should be trying to come together especially THE BLACK COMMUNITY we were taught to hate our own race please ladies stop it. This isn’t cool st all

  8. I lost all respect for all of them. Jackie is crazy; Tami…why did she return? Unfortunately, Ms. O is taking cues from the wrong folks. Please cancel the show completely.

  9. Edna Horton on said:

    I enjoy the Show. No one should b Happy that someone loses there JOB!!!!!! If u were lucky enough to b on any show would u b happy if someone suggest u lose u JOB!!!!!!!!

  10. Tami you BULLY!! Get of the TV!! You represent the lowest of the low!! We need strong black women to represent us! Not some UGLY, uneducated, BULLY!!! Your 15 minutes of fame and ridding coat tails are over. SHAUNIE YOU ARE ONE OF THE FAKEST BITCHES ON TV! Thank god it’s about to end. Don’t come on the LA show telling them what to do, YOU FAILED ON YOUR OWN SHOW CAUSE YOUR A FAKE ASS BITCH!!! Get the hell outta here no one wants you!!!!!!!

  11. MIAMI SHOW FAILED!!! Now you got BULLY ASS TAMI!! Shame on you VH1. Shame on you! Tami is a ratchet BULLY! And just needs to go crawl back under that ROCK YOU CLIMBED OUT OF!! Anger management !! LOL AINT DONE SHIT GOR YOU!!

  12. SHAUNIE AND TAMI GO BACK TO THE HELL ROCK YOU CRAWLED OUT OF! The LA show, ratings, style, reality stars are way beyond you and your crew got. GET THE HELL OUT HERE! AS FOR TAMI YOU ARE THE UGLIEST BULLY ASS BITCH I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! Tami, you got it comin!!!!! I HOPE YOU GET SMASHED! You and Shaunie are the PHONIEST!!! BITCHES I’ve ever seen in my life!!! MIAMI BITCHES SUCK! And Draya Rocks it!! Jealous much Shaunie! SHAME ON YOU VH1!! VHI condoned bullring!!!!

  13. You really should have some decency Shaunie as to how these girls are dressing for the camera – they look like strippers and hookers! Where is the storyline going….straight to the streets? There is nothing worth watching or uplifting on Basketball Wives LA. No charities, women empowering women, no new business ventures, fundraising or anything that is really worth watching these tramps come together.

  14. etaboo on said:

    I m glad Malaysia is gone she was fake and bougie. She started feeling herself more and more every season. One day she’s Hollywood next dsy she’s Compton. Brandi is her puppet. Duffy was irrelevant.. tammy is not a bulky, mess with my kids and I will hurt u. Tacky jackie is nuts and sundy is irrelevant.

  15. Jackie should have been the first to go,maybe she wasn’t because she causes so much drama, everybody knows she is crazy, look how she acted during Dougs career, but i never really watched LA because of Jackie, I quit watching Miami because of Evelyn, ratchet is what they both are. Evelyn has a new reality show I heard, is that what being ratchet does for you?

  16. This show needs to be cancelled it’s overkill! There’s nothing positive about it! There not basketball wives anymore, except Jackie and Doug is afraid of Jackie so he puts up with her insane behavior.

  17. D. Com on said:

    I will not be watching tammy is a bully jackie is a drunk and ms. O’Neal is a bitch.just because the other girls wouldn’t kiss her ass like tammy and jackie.

  18. Jarreim on said:

    Unfortunatwly this will not be new, the show from Miamu got cancelled, so there has been a plot ever since to snatch the LA show away for Shaunie and her crew. Guess it worked! If they were so good, why was the Miami show cancelled?

  19. ButterPecan on said:

    Is that ratchet show still airing! Jackie needs some serious mental help. Tami needs some anger management and Shaunie I applaud you getting your coins but reality TV is not your strong suit.

  20. on said:

    Shaunie, Tammy and jackie are the most ratchet people on the show. I guess that’s why everyone else got the axe. America loves to see Black people degrade themselves and be messy. way to go Shaunie! Represent us well.

  21. Leroyora Fennell on said:

    I love the show.. Shaunie O’Neal keep doing what you doing collecting them coins, keep showing woman you can do anything you put your mind to doing.. BBWLA are generation loves you..

  22. If I was Shaunie I would have fired them too! LOL… It’s HER vision and the disrespect and negative energy was lame. Simple Simon cookie cutter .Get your money Shaunie! Love you girrrrl! Hell put me on the show! Let me FIND my basketball player, coach, owner, commentator! Ha! Ha! Do your thing ladies. Do YOU Shaunie. Xoxo

  23. Im glad they are not returning. Its time for some new people and new things.And for those people calling the show ghetto, You all just haters.

  24. Malaysia is the best person on the show but because she’s a true friend of Brandy she got fired… girl bye! I hope Malaysia and Brandy get their own spin off.

    • So true they need their own show. But Tammi bully ass should have gotten FIRED because she attacked that young Lady first but we know why because her and Shauni are friends bullcrap. And Jackie the old shit starter should have been gone she don’t even help her daughter with her grandchild because she darkskined wtf and then that tramp Evelyn hell no I will not watch it and I hope other people don’t either.

  25. They all need to get pink-slipped and the show cancelled. These types of shows, particularly with Black women are such a disgrace and embarrassment. Can’t they find a more positive platform to portray? Why continue to allow a network put yourselves on ignorant display? It is so demeaning to women. Do better ladies….that is if you want to be called ladies.

  26. Michelle on said:

    This Show is So Shady And Seem so Fake Jackie Christy is a Drunk Tammie Romance is just Ghetto and just kissing ass for her Paycheck and,Shaunte degrades the Other women that’s not in her clique. And where is there Husbands. Just seem So Faked and Desperate woman trying to getvpaid.

    • Belinda Lee on said:

      The whole show should be cancelled. Jackie keeps up a lot trouble, Tammie is a ghetto shit starter, and Shawn needs to go sit down.

  27. Dlorickjr on said:

    dj duffey need to focus on her music and get back on reality television show not basketball wives and please duffey don’t fight Tami just move on leave Tami and her daughter jazz the best thing is for you duffey is focus on your music your upcoming wedding and getting back on reality television show not basketball wives

  28. Ms. Kim on said:

    Now who they gon get to act all stupiiiid…… 😦 😦 please stop it my sista’s! shawn you know you the biggest mess with all that shaq money!!!!! LUCKY

  29. I didn’t even know that this ghetto mess is still on. I know they are acting (reality tv 101); but shows like this are (part) of the reason so many people in the real world are so rude. Some young people, sales clerks, restaurant workers, etc. watch this crap, and think it’s ok to be rude, and talk to customers any kind of way. All these shows about judging who’s the best singer, dancer, etc. also aren’t good for the country overall. Intelligent adults know how to filter through the crap……but a lot of young people think it’s normal behavior.

  30. I agree with you Sheila. She should have been the FIRST to go! She is a drunk, backbiter, and too old for the show. Give her a different show to star on but not this one.

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