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Former CNN host Soledad O’Brien talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about her Cuban heritage, the disconnect some of her family faces and what Fidel Castro‘s death means for Donald Trump.

“My mother left to go to college right before Castro came into power. Over the years all of her siblings died and she was never able to return. We’ve got to look at how black people and white people look at the legacy of Fidel Castro. The death of Castro makes things difficult for Donald Trump,” she said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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One thought on “Soledad O’Brien Says Fidel Castro’s Death Is ‘Complicated’ For Cubans

  1. So while Ms O’Brien was attempting to offer an objective view of Castro what she could not bring herself to tell the listening public is the fact that Castro is love by many Afro-Cubans, Africans, and blacks throughout the world. Why? because he made it possible for all Cubans, especially Afro-Cubans to share equally in their country (even under his iron grip). Besides the free education for all and the universal health care, he sent his doctors to various countries throughout S Am, Central Am, and Africa to assist in eliminating disease, and train other medical students It is important to recognize that those Cubans in Little Cuba in Miami are, for the most part, “white” Cubans and those were the people who took advantage of the Afro-Cubans when they lived in Cuba. Naw she didn’t tell us that

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