11/23/16- Roland Martin talks to journalist Terrell Starr about the language of DNC candidates.

“He lost black women. He and his senior staff feels that they didn’t need black voters. He still feels like the progressive is going to take over without the support of black women.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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4 thoughts on “Roland Martin Wants To Challenge White Progressives

  1. If Chump officially becomes the next President in January of 2017-the African American community needs to UNITE!

    There is strength in numbers. We realized this back in the day during the Civil Rights movement.

    Since we know that Chump and his Klan have no intentions of assisting minorities in this country to progress-we must do for OURSELVES.

    DISMISS WHITE FOLKS!!!!–Let them do their thing-while we do OURS!!!!!!!!!

    We need to clean up our communities, parents need to stress the need for
    their kids to be EDUCATED, we need to EMPOWER OURSELVES!!!!!!

    Malcolm X stressed this point back in the 1960’s!!!!!!!!!!
    It is time for ‘BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY”

  2. 11/23/16 I see that I lost the first part of my post. Geez! Well this is my first time using this site so, let me begin again. It seems to me that we have to continue to focus on what we have been doing; continue to expand our circle of diverse people and reach out to the “working class” white people. We need E. Warren B Sanders and other white leaders among us to talk to these white people to get them to understand that being “white” is not important. What is important is economic stability. The enemy is the super rich the corporations who do bad things to us then settle and pay money without admitting wrongdoing. Romney stated that corporations are people too. NO can any of us pay a settlement and not admit wrongdoing? NO we go to prison and pay a fine. We need to focus on universal health care, we need to put a stop to the use of eminent domain (which is used as a weapon against all of us to benefit corporations and private investors) we need to fight against outsourcing of jobs, we need to fight the persistent use of machines to replace workers, we need to fight against high cost in education. We need to fight for funds for infrastructure work (which will provide jobs) we need to fight for better housing, we need to fight for new training and new laws that protect ALL lives, we need to fight on the side of the Indians in ND and prevent those pipelines from being placed under water. I don’t get how these pipes keep getting put down when we see nothing but breakdowns of these pipes and damage to water and wildlife. We need to prepare to welcome all those who voted for Trump cause in 4 to 5 months he is going to disappoint them all and hurt all of us. He has begun already. For example, his refusal to get rid of his businesses around the world (I see impeachment in near future if Dems have the guts to fight). Watch the NC governor’s election If the Dems don’t get that Governor Pat McCrory out of the capitol we are in trouble. That man lost and he is fighting to stay there; how is this possible???

  3. oops I hit the wrong key by mistake. We need to watch what is happening in NC very carefully because if that governor Pat McCrory bogarts his way into staying in office even though he has lost we don’t stand a chance. We need to watch closely how that state, those Democrates prevent him from digging in. Another thing, what’s up with Harold Ford? He wants to be in Trump administration and that doctor Carson what does he know about housing? He is gonna head HUD What are the Dems doing???

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