Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman took to Instagram, in a since deleted post, to apologize to his wife of 15 years for his “infidelity.”



In the video the R&B legend explains, “I’m apologizing on record to my wife about my infidelity. About me doing things outside of the marriage that I’m not supposed to be doing, with people who I had no business dealing with.”

Watch the full clip (while it’s still up) below.


The couple has three children together, Brooklyn, Micah and Ty, so we hope they can move past this.



What do you think about Shawn’s admission? Should he have kept it private?

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10 thoughts on “Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman Apologizes To Wife For ‘Infidelity’

  1. Cynthia on said:

    Ilove Shawn ppl make mistakes at least he apologized some men never admit to cheating and try to make you feel like you’re crazy I still love him no matter what he has done in his personal life who am I to judge hope they whether the storm.

  2. alison on said:

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  3. Frankie on said:

    I cant believe Shaun! He knows right from wrong..This is not a stupid man. We saw his show May 13th of 2016..They were amazing!
    I HATE him now for what he did..How could you?? Thinking with your little head?
    Just one question…WHY?

    About his wife..the trust is now broken..
    Girl..tell him to pack sand..You are NOT alone..
    There is lots of support for you..
    All you have to do is reach out..

  4. This brother got caught and now is trying to clear his conscious before whoever he is cheating with blackmail him on facebook twitter or whatever you young folks message with. These days in times you can’t get away with cheating

  5. I think yes I know things will work out we are not perfect I love BTMEN what a beautiful family just amazing I pray things work out 💖

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