Since Donald Trump was elected President last week, I’ve received thousands and thousands of emails from all over the country reporting a terrible increase in hate crimes and bigotry and racism and intimidation.

At first, I’d simply read them, do my best to verify them however I could, then share them on Facebook and Twitter for the world to see. The more I shared them, the more I received. At first it was dozens, then hundreds, then thousands. Over the past 8 days, some really good folk at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Harvard, MIT, and a great group of people from a company called Ushahidi – which specializes in crisis mapping, have all joined in, and together we’ve been doing the work of verifying, organizing, studying, mapping, and sharing these horrible stories. It’s slowed us down a bit, but has allowed us to be accurate in our advocacy and reporting.

This morning I want to share some of the painful ways Donald Trump’s election is impacting America’s children. These are all verified incidents.

At South Lehigh High School in Pennsylvania, the principal there admits that since Donald Trump was elected, they have had countless incidents of white students calling Black students the n-word to their face. It sounds crazy, but white students at South Lehigh High School have created a new chant toward Black students there that says “Heil Hitler, cotton picker, you’re a n-word.”

At Royal Oak Middle School in Michigan, the day after Donald Trump was elected, Josie Ramon, a 12 year old Latina, pulled out her phone during the lunch period and filmed a huge crowd of her white classmates, several dozen of them, chanting “Build The Wall, Build The Wall” at the Latino students.

“Tears were running down my face,” said Josie, who is Mexican-American. “I was so upset. A friend went to the bathroom crying. Everybody was chanting along with it. She was scared. She looked really upset. I felt really bad for her.”

At Dewitt Middle School in Michigan, white Trump supporting students began telling black students to go back to Africa to Latino students to go back to Mexico.  Then, those same white students began forming human walls to block Latino students, mainly girls, from getting to class or getting to their lockers – telling the students that they were going to make America great again. The students were both humiliated and terrified.

At York Tech High School in Pennsylvania, a brave student filmed white Trump supporting students walking through the halls with Donald Trump banners chanting “white power.” It got so bad at the school that dozens of black and Latino students called their parents to come pick them up. One black students had the tires to his car slashed, several other black and Latino students reported that white students openly spit on them, and told them to go back to Africa or Mexico.

Lastly, I want to share what’s going on at Ladue Horton Watkins High School in St. Louis. At least 100 students staged a walkout yesterday over all of the racism they’ve experienced there. Here’s what is so troubling. It’s one of the highest ranked high schools in all of Missouri and reveals the troubling dilemma that so many Black parents face when searching for good schools for their children when that too often means then subjecting them to racism as a result. After dozens of students reported being called racial slurs, others said white students told them to go sit at the back of the bus, then, on Tuesday, and I posted the pictures of this, a white student, with a hot glue gun, kept threatening to use it against a black student. First he put some in hot glue in the young man’s chair, which burned his butt. Then when the student got back up, the white student put hot glue on the brother’s arm, leaving him with 3rd degree burns.

I’ll close with this thought.

This is exactly what we thought would happen if Donald Trump was elected. White supremacists and Neo-Nazi leaders have openly celebrated his election and it has empowered white folk to feel like they can now be fully open and flagrant with their bigotry. I am afraid we are entering a new era of ugliness where these incidents will be commonplace.

If anything like this happens to you or your family, please let me know. I’m easy to find. You can email me reports directly @ and I will make sure we review the report and forward it to authorities if necessary.

We will do everything we can to hold to the people accountable. Don’t just accept this foolishness. This is unacceptable. They want to drastically lower the status quo such that these types of incidents are normal, and we just can’t let that happen.

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6 thoughts on “Our Kids Are Already Paying A Huge Price For Donald Trump’s Election

  1. JaMia Lock on said:

    I had to go to my child’s school today and address a where a child had called her a black nappy headed orphan because of an incident where at lunch something got on another girls shirt and she told her(my child) to clean it off because she should be use to cleaning. Other comments about her hair and edges were also made. It’s just sad.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Now that you know where the school is located, try attending a PTA meeting. You’ll likely find out that your innocent child is not so innocent when it comes to starting shiggidy

  2. Juanice mayd on said:

    Trump is proving how unprepared he is for this job. Mitt Romney has called him a fraud and much worse but trump is willing to ask him for help.trump is such a fraud he is worse than Bernie madoff. He has bamboozled his way to the White House and has no idea what to do except surrounded himself with people who can do his job. His children and attorneys have run his businesses for years because he was doing a terrible job. And having to file bankruptcy in order to rebound.

  3. Anthony Anderson on said:

    Yes I have heard about incidents happening in schools in Chicago where kids were fearing for their life’s and I’ve noticed the attitudes of whites in my area changing.. I live on the North Side of Chicago.

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