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Just one day after the world watched singer-songwriter Kevin McCall attempt to resolve his anger issues on the popular therapy show Iyanla: Fix My Life, a female friend of his has come forward alleging that he assaulted her, knocking out one of her front teeth.

The woman whose Instagram handle is @Simply_Dominique-J, says that she and McCall were hanging out enjoying themselves when the night took a horrible turn. “He literally knocked me unconscious and continued to hit beat me until he saw blood. Why? Because he was being disrespectful, calling me a b*tch and I politely pulled over and asked him to apologize or get out of my car.”


Dominique’s description of McCall’s behavior that night is eerily similar to the accusations brought up on yesterday’s episode of Iyanla. The self-help guru grilled him about the long list of restraining orders against hm, including ones filed by his own mother and ex-girlfrend, model Eva Marcille. Below is a clip from the show:


Sadly, it looks like Kevin didn’t actually soak up any of Iyanla’s advice. McCall has yet to respond to the allegations, and Dominique is promising to press charges against her former friend.

SOURCE: Shaderoom | IMAGE CREDIT: PR Photos

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4 thoughts on “Report: Woman Claims Singer Kevin McCall Knocked Her Front Tooth Out

  1. You have to be taught to love,cherish and most of all respect women to know that it’s not even an option to put your hands on them. I have instilled in my boys since they were toddlers to always treat the women in their lives like they would treat me, their mom, you wouldn’t hit me why would you hit her and if the relationship becomes volatile then that’s when you know it ain’t working and it’s time to move around.

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  3. He has a long list of restraining orders against him. Some from his own mother. And this twit decided it was a good idea to hang out with him? She’s lucky the only thing missing is her teefus. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. As Trump said. “If you’re a star, they’ll let you do anything”.

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