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Wendy Williams barely made it on time to film her talk show this week because traffic was a nightmare. She hosted the show with no make-up on and rocking all black with leggings.

Viewers wasted no time taking to social media to criticize Williams’ plain black top and black leggings, and she even burped mid-way through the Hot Topics segment.


“I had to choose – am I going to put on a dress and all that make-up and a show wig, or am I going to eat to live?” Williams joked after complaining about her commute.

Her appearance prompted a flurry of tweets from viewers at home.

“OMG! Wendy Williams just burped during hot topics. Love it. No shame. #howyoudoin #wendywilliams,” one tweeted.

Another noted how Williams looked just as good without make-up.

“I think you look good without make-up. Still glamorous! The burp let us know you’re a real person though. LOL.”

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(Photo Source: Wendy Williams Show Youtube)