Wendy Williams barely made it on time to film her talk show this week because traffic was a nightmare. She hosted the show with no make-up on and rocking all black with leggings.

Viewers wasted no time taking to social media to criticize Williams’ plain black top and black leggings, and she even burped mid-way through the Hot Topics segment.


“I had to choose – am I going to put on a dress and all that make-up and a show wig, or am I going to eat to live?” Williams joked after complaining about her commute.

Her appearance prompted a flurry of tweets from viewers at home.

“OMG! Wendy Williams just burped during hot topics. Love it. No shame. #howyoudoin #wendywilliams,” one tweeted.

Another noted how Williams looked just as good without make-up.

“I think you look good without make-up. Still glamorous! The burp let us know you’re a real person though. LOL.”

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(Photo Source: Wendy Williams Show Youtube)

25 thoughts on “Brave Or No Big Deal? Wendy Williams Goes Make-Up Free On Talk Show

  1. Kymberleigh on said:

    I’ve seen plenty of black women who look absolutely horrid without makeup. Wendy is definitely NOT one of them.

    It’s a little jarring to see her without the usual on-camera makeup (I’m guessing she may have some street makeup on), the wigs, dresses, fishnets and heels … but I think she looks just fine.

  2. Sandra Y Devlin on said:

    You know what I like about Wendy, she keeps it real. She has fun enjoys life and does not give s damn about all the haters comments.Wendy does Wendy, the way I see it either you love her or not. Wendy keep up the good and positive work you do, makeup or no makeup you are still beautiful. And for all of the haters out there hope that at Fifty something you can look like the new forty with or with out makeup. Love you Wendy since the power 99 days, Also VH1 with Charlamain, How you doing Lol

  3. Wendy looked fantastic!!The burping can go by the wayside but she did show up and with a smile!I love Wendy & get good energy from her.I wish I had her as a friend cuz she seems genuine & FUN😛

  4. If anybody that was watching didn’t believe that all that was an act and was staged, is just as foolish as she thought the viewers were to believe she ” woke up like that “. Yeah right and Donald Trump loves black people, mexicans and muslims. GTFOH !!

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  6. Why people can’t be honest when they are trying to tell someone how they really look. Wendy does not look good without her makeup. Going without makeup and what ever makes certain women up is not for everyone. A lot of women need that makeup so people please be honest with the women that can carry the BARE look. Wendy, please put your makeup back on and stop being disgusting on television you are suppose to be a lady, act like one. The example you are setting is not a good one.

  7. I noticed in “Keeping it real”, she didn’t ditch the weave. Why do our women want so badly to look like white women? I can only surmise that because our successful black men prefer white women, they are trying to compete directly with them by “looking” like them.

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