How do two black girls from Alabama amass a following of over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and work with BET, CoverGirl, Pantene, Dove, CLEAN & CLEAR®, Hairfinity and Carol’s Daughter?



Affectionately known as The GlamzTwinz, Kendra and Kelsey Murrell join an elite space on the social media platform as one of the few black women whose success has taken them from working regular 9 to 5s to full-time entrepreneurs and now authors!

✨New video's up!! #Glamtwinz334 #happyhumpday

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I talk to the 20-somethings about their Internet success, all things hair (yes, it’s real) beauty and their debut book, The GlamTwinz Guide to Longer, Healthier Hair.


Watch part one of our chat below.

Below Kendra and Kelsey dish on easy-to-do hair styles and fashion choices for date night and more.


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(Photo Source: The GlamTwinz YouTube)


6 thoughts on “YouTube Stars ‘The GlamTwinz’ Talk Internet Success, Share Beauty + Hair Secrets

  1. nico4lewelch on said:

    2″I quit my office job and now I am getting paid 92 Dollars hourly. How? I work-over interneet! My old work was making me miserable, so I was to try-Something different. 2 years after…I can say my life is changeed completely for the better!

    Check it out what i do………

  2. Aww they are adorable…my daughter nor I can compete with those twins… my daughter might be to dark skinned for Black America. I’m ordinary/plain. Lol it’s Ok tho…we’re Ok.

    • jacquelynbailey444 on said:

      Makayla . I see what you mean… Stephen `s posting is something, I just received a brand new BMW 5-series after making $9443 this-past/4 weeks and-just over, ten-grand this past month . without a doubt its the most-comfortable job I’ve ever had . I actually started 5 months ago and straight away made myself at least $85… per-hr . find out here


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