The season finale of Iyanla: Fix My Life airs on OWN, Saturday November 12th at 9p. Iyanla Vanzant talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about what to expect from the epic three-part House of Healing episode and weighs in on Decision 2016.

On Decision 2016:

“He said what all of those people that voted for him are thinking. We knew all of those things were out there. If he is who he says he is, we’re going to have to do something. We’ve gotten a little lazy, a little apathetic. This will force us to have our voices be heard. We didn’t stop him when he mocked the handicap. We didn’t stop him when he talked about the wall.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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(Photo Source: OWN)

6 thoughts on “Iyanla Vanzant On Donald Trump: ‘We Got Lazy, We Didn’t Stop Him’

  1. It is not just US who were lazy and stayed home–other races also did the same.

    However, it is disturbing the amount of White women who cast their vote for CHUMP.
    After it was revealed of his molesting of women of all ages and his calling un-attractive females “PIGS”–I don’t understand how any woman in her right mind could vote for this nut.

    In addition, knowing that he plans on cutting funds for Planned Parenthood and totally dismantling ROE V WADE and our right to seek an abortion.

    These women have chosen the devil!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What is wrong with everyone. He wants to build a wall to help protect our country. Any illegals if you want to stay you need to go become legal. No one is racist against you. You need a license for everything in this country including being legal. What has Hillary done for poor blacks in the enter cites? Nothing. She supports full term aborting babies. This not right. Go and read how trump will help all of us. Give the man a chance.

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