The Tom Joyner Morning Show honors Gerald Levert on the 10th anniversary of his untimely death.

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17 thoughts on “The TJMS Remembers Gerald Levert On The 10th Anniversary Of His Death

  1. My son won two tickets to see Gerald for a mother’s day gift..he was underage. For the ticket..answered the question kept worrying dj who asked for me and said it was so sweet this 10 yr old knew his mama loved Gerald so much. BEST FREE CONCERT AND GIFT FROM MY BABY BOY..HE IS 24 NOW GOD BLESS Gerald and his music that will live on and on

  2. Nikittia Rodgers on said:

    I remember my sister and I went to the Father and Son concert at The Playhouse in Cleveland Ohio she won tickets and he put it down!!! Oh yeah, Eddie you did your thang too lol. Miss him much.

  3. I am Gerald Levert number one can. I remember this day he passed I had to leave work. I love and miss him. Thank God his music love on.

  4. I remember when Gerald came to Houston Texas to sound waves before they went out of business. He allowed me to come up on the platform and take a picture with him. I felt honored because I was the only one he took a picture with. I remember the sweet gental hug he gave me and the beautiful smile of thank-you he gave me. Gerald was a true gentlemen. Forever a big fan of Gerald LeVert even though he’s gone.

  5. LaTonya Williams on said:

    He was the best! I am a member GPHIG AND GSPOT. We supported him in everything. It was a very sad day. I will never forget that Friday. I would like to thank The Tom Joyner Family for showing GERALD LEVERT so much love in Life and Death! RIP MR. TOO DAMN GOOD!!!

  6. I met Gerald and Eddie in San Antonio in 1996.i enjoyed 10 wonderful years as his friend. It seems like yesterday that we were laughing together in the lobby of the Double Tree in Little Rock or I was singing happy birthday to him at his party in Cleveland with all of my GphiG sisters. I miss you my friend. RIL G.

  7. Loretta R on said:

    I truly miss this sexy teddy bear, Gerald Levert will forever be my most favorite R&B singer. Love him forever in a day RIP Gerald

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