Although David Banner was anti-Donald Trump throughout the duration of this year’s election, the producer has had a sudden change of heart.

In a Facebook Live video, the woke rapper/activist spoke to his followers, saying Trump being in the White House just might be what the Black community needs. He said, “This may be the best thing to ever happen to black people, maybe in history because now there’s no excuse and I’m starting with me. People look to me as a leader in so many cases. I try to push it off like ‘Nah, I’m just a humble servant’ but the truth is I am a leader and I have to become more prepared, be more prepared to speak on our behalf.”

Banner claims it didn’t matter which way the election went because whether Clinton or Trump became president, he thinks the Black community would’ve had the same problems.  But he encouraged his people not to “freak out,” saying, “As a people we need to become more prepared. We need to start today. What’s going to happen in our local elections next time? We’re going to have to educate ourselves. We’re going to have to prepare ballots. We may even have to go as far as creating our own third party. People are always scared about what will happen tomorrow but that’s not what I fear. I fear what can possibly happen–or I’m excited about what could possibly happen in the near future.”

Check out David Banner’s passionate video above.

(Photo Source: Instagram)


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9 thoughts on “David Banner Claims Trump’s Win Is ‘Best Thing That Ever Happened To Black People’

  1. Brother Banner is so real with his statement and so I’d everybody else. I don’t think we know how many people in our housing projects did vote because they r not registered to vote. I wish that’s where we would focus on,so many of our young people that didn’t go to school or show an interest when they where there, don’t care about politics.

  2. SD I agree with you! We need to make sure 100% Black folks vote in every election and understand the issues being voted upon. Make sure that politicians that represent our communities and the interest of the communities regardless of the political party.

  3. Lisa Miller on said:

    The simple results are millions voted. We still got Donald. Angry bigot and entitled people also voted for Donald. Thirty percent of our folks voted for Hillary only 2% more than Barack. It isn’t only the votes because obviously we are not the dominant group when it is about numbers. I agree with David Banner it is about us for us.

  4. I agree! We need to be preparing NOW for the 2018 mid-term elections – – getting folks registered long before voting day, researching the candidates and knowing where they stand and have voted in the past on issues, seeking out and preparing candidates that will represent our voice, and the like. We are strong and must no longer stand by for just anything or anybody.

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