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Amber Rose Hosts Night Out At 1 OAK Las Vegas

Source: Bryan Steffy / Getty

Amber Rose doesn’t usually let the opinions of others affect her life, so why start now?

The star recently posted a video of her 3-year-old son Sebastian getting a manicure and pedicure with colored nail polish, and the internet went crazy. She captioned the video, “Pumpkin nails with Mr. Skully Bones. We encourage our children to paint, draw and be creative so why block them from their creativity when it comes to self expression?”

But she didn’t stop there. Muva knew that haters would have something to say about her allowing her son with Wiz Khalifa to wear colored polish. One follower wrote, “I f–k with u but really … making your child paint his nails like he was a girl, you gone f–k up his childhood.” But Amber continued on in her post, “F–k society standards and gender roles! Let your children be great!”

Would you allow your son to rock colored nail polish?


Amber Rose’s Son Gets A Mani Pedi And She Receives Backlash was originally published on globalgrind.com

One thought on “Amber Rose’s Son Gets A Mani Pedi And She Receives Backlash

  1. Please leave folks alone, can’t a Sista live? She is just teaching her son to take care of himself–when he gets older–getting a mani-pedi will be a part of his grooming regime. Kids are wearing nail color now–all genders. Its what they do–go figure–I don’t think him wearing nail color will make him any kind of way–stop making a BFD out of everything.

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