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Folks are roasting Amber Rose on social media after she posted a video of her 3-year-old son at a salon getting his nails did.

On Tuesday, Rose took Sebastian, her son with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, for a manicure and pedicure. She filmed the cutie in the salon chair and captioned it: “Pumpkin nails with Mr. Skully Bones.”


Rose’s words fell on deaf ears, as her comment section lit up with condemnation.

“I f–k with u but really … making your child paint his nails like he was a girl, you gone f–k up his childhood,” wrote one follower.

“Don’t turn yo son into a f—-t WTF is wrong wit you,” another angrily wrote.

But other commenters defended the model-turned-host’s decision.

“These comments are f–king crazy. What’s wrong with America? People should be able to do whatever the f–k they want to do. Bash wanted orange nails, so that’s what TF he got. And s/o to Amber for letting him. Having painted nails does not make you gay. Idiots,” another wrote.

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

8 thoughts on “Amber Rose Blasted For Letting Her Son Get His Nails Painted

  1. Chris Curran on said:

    I’m sorry that a little nail polish is such a huge threat to your masculinity, your perception of men, and society! You know what I think makes a man a “real” man? When he doesn’t give a care what you think, and lives his own life. Your negative reaction will be proof to him that he’s better off having nothing to do with you, as you’ve let this superficial little detail prevent you from giving him any further consideration.

  2. Tony Tee on said:

    She’s giving him the opportunity to give it and take it. She goes both ways so why not let him get rear ended too. Sign of the times.

  3. Jessica Goldberg on said:

    Good for amber rose. When we allow kids to be who they are and express themselves without outside of gender norms, they are more open-minded and less judgemental. It has no effect on their gender or sexuality.

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