After her hilarious PSA to vote, actress Jenifer Lewis talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the seriousness of Decision 2016 and the newly elected 45th President, Donald Trump.

“I want to thank everybody who got they asses out and voted. This is not the time for blame. Hug your family. We will mourn this mess and then we will get up. We will do what we have always done, rise up. We survived slavery, Jim Crow and crack cocaine. We will not fold,” Lewis said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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(Photo Source: Hosea Johnson)

43 thoughts on “Jenifer Lewis On Decision 2016: ‘We Will Mourn This Mess’

  1. mr soul on said:

    I love you Baby girl you are so beautiful. BUT Jim crow & Drugs& slavery have nothing on a sick minded man with his hand on a button that can end it all . That’s something to fear!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. In the mean while everyone else gettin all funked up about Trump I got my rump on a stump doin that the Parliamentfunkadelicathang P-Funk tour 77 and beyond before most were born listen to brutha Goins pulling up the last leg of the Muthaship come join meand shake it at the gate present yo FUNK card you Dig.How late do you nave to be before you’re absent .Suit up get away from all this messy STRESS.

  3. Chris Mason on said:

    I for one cried after I got over my shock! But life goes on! I love some of the positive messages on here. Look at what we’ve endured for so long!! Strength is in our DNA. We were the first humans created! Now what does that tell you?. No matter whose president, we’ll survive. My brothers and sisters, we need each other! Much love and peace!

  4. The country has always flipped back and forth between Democrats and Republicans. I can’t ever remember having 12years of democrats in office. It’s just to bad Trump was the lasts man standing for the Republicans!!! Only time will tell if they will regret what they have done!!!

  5. Thomasina nicholas on said:

    Well spoken Ms.J.Lewis as a’57 baby as well we speak strong. You have to know who you are and “Whose” you are.

  6. Ethel Harris on said:

    This is totally wake up call as well as an awareness to see where we stand in society. We must pray continuously to God who is always here for us.
    Ethel Harris

  7. Gladys on said:

    Okay, it’s over. Now like how the celebrities supported Hillary, it is time we need to support each other such as Minorities, LGBT, and the disabled. Pretend Trump is a hurricane! We will weather the storm and clean up after he is gone. We are ready for all you racists!

  8. I cast my early vote and not for DT. I did not want another war or to got to another recession. DT told us what he will do and it seem folks loved his idea. How can DT pull the people together when he has already put a valley in place. I do not respect DT. I do not care to even look at the man on tv, magazines, newspapers etc. There I got it off my chest. Thanks for this opportunity.

  9. What does prayed up mean? We are always praying but our neighborhoods are the worst. We have no business to hire our own and we do not stand together on any issues. Only when a white officer shoots a black person. Then we show or ignorance, some of us, and tear down the only businesses brave enough to set up in our neighborhoods. We need to stop bowing down, stand and do something positive for ourselves.

  10. The sad truth is, 400 years later…we have need DJ’s, pastors and “celebrities” to beg our communities to go vote. If we were as on purpose about voting (at the local and state levels especially) as we are about getting our weaves rights and our fades tight perhaps we would not have a Trump presidency and a Democratic party that takes us for granted. It bears repeating: sad.

    • Just because some didn’t vote your choice doesn’t mean they didn’t vote. I’m amazed at how many people actually think that because Trump won, black folks didn’t vote.

  11. americanize on said:

    White folk showed black folk,white supremacy rules.We better figure out how to do for ourselves an quit looking for that white savior b/c there not coming.If theres any black liberation we will do it ourselves.Until then we r still under a form of slavery.

  12. I agree that the “Silent Vote” is what got Trump the win. I said early on that there were going to be lots of people that would vote for him; that wouldn’t admit it. I for one will not be watching his inauguration. I’m not remotely interested in seeing this actor sword in as President. As for Pence…….I think he’s a FAR right winger trying to disguise his self as being an average citizen. I don’t like it when people mix too much religion with politics. With their choice of a Supreme Court Justice; I think we will be set back 100 years. Trump has the old guard like Gulliani, and Christie on his team. Enough already with the 19th century ideas

  13. Blanche Jones on said:

    If more blacks and other minorities had gone to the polls and voted like they were supposed to , we would have had Hilary as our president.

    • shows just how racists blacks are. 150 attacking whites at temple univerisity. burning down oakland. attacking whites and pulling them out of their cars in milwaukee and voting for obama only because he’s black. you pigs are the true racists!

      • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        We preach SeeNoEvilSpeakNoEvilHearNoEvil but we act SeeNoEvilSpeakNoEvilHearNoEvil.

      • Sasha Hart on said:

        OMG! Was it that hard in Appalachia? Is that why you are so upset? You may benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy. Dropping out of the 6th grade to help your parents that were that were also brother and sister kind of stays with you. Let me know if I can assist you, we can meet weekly. I am one racist black pig that cares for those who never had a chance.

      • Sasha Hart on said:

        I typed too fast. I meant to say the phrase “that were” once, not twice. I was too focused on clearing my schedule for you. Good night.

        I am waiving my fee.

    • We need only be afraid of ourselves if we do not believe GOD can only save us. Not man only us. We need to be more careful when we judge others for we are also judge. How can we ever heal if we keep opening up wounds and creating new ones. We say we now need to pray. We should have been praying when we first learned how to speak. Maybe we will not be losing our freaking minds because a man we so much hate (teach hate reap hate) is who we wanted in the White House. We will never be happy with no one if we continue to be unhappy within.


    • This is what I am speaking of. Rather than speaking positive. We go with the negative. This is what we teach our children. And there goes another generation caught up in chaos.

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