“These are the breaks!” Maybe that line from his classic song, “The Breaks” has a whole new meaning for rap pioneer Kurtis Blow.

The break he got was huge. The story happened last Saturday, but it’s just now becoming public.

After collapsing at a bus stop in LA’s San Fernando Valley, Blow – whose real name is Kurtis Walker – says four LAPD officers saved his life by giving him CPR.

“I died and those officers saved my life,” Walker said. “The police saved my life, a Black man. In this day and age, people need to hear that.”

Around 9pm on Saturday, the trio had responded to a bus stop near the Westfield Promenade. It was initially reported as a robbery call, but it turned out to just be an argument between Walker and his son. As officers talked to the pair, Walker collapsed..

“We didn’t think about it; we just acted. I swept his airway for obstructions, and Officer Hill started chest compressions,” Vege recalled.

Parra also noted that it looked like Walker was having “some sort of heart episode.”

At some point while doing CPR, Walker stopped breathing.

“It seemed like a really long time when you’re pressing on a man’s chest, hoping he won’t die,” Hill said.

According to witnesses, Officer Hill continued CPR for five minutes before paramedics arrived to take Walker to a hospital, where he asked to see the officers that had saved him.

“We didn’t think too much about what we had done, but we were curious to see how the man was doing,” Vega recalled. “So we drove to the hospital later that night, and several people made a big deal about us saving the man’s life.”


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(Photo Source: Instagram)

16 thoughts on “Kurtis Blow Suffers Heart Attack After Fight With Son

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  2. False news reports people!!!! First, I was not standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus. I have 4 cars. No Heart attack. I went into cardiac arrest. It is more serious like death. My heart stopped for 5 minutes. No altercation with my son. There was a altercation between my 2 sons and I was breaking it up. Someone called the police and then we chilled when we saw them approach. The police attempted to arrest me and then I passed out 5 minutes later. No altercation just low potassium is the medical term. I thank God for another chance at life. The doctors call me a walking miracle, coming back from cardiac arrest with all faculties. I thank my son Michael who pleaded with the officers to call the paramedics. My wife for her prayers and healing hands. I repeat, there was no fight between me and my son. We are a strong family with a tight bond and even stronger now. I thank the LAPD, paramedics, doctors and nurses and staff at West Hills and UCLA. This is nothing but a testimony of the awesome power of God and God’s amazing grace. I thank you all for your prayers. I am taking it easy now. No BBoy for 6 months lol – However…, I will be shouting from the highest mountain… “Praise God!!!!” and thank you.

  3. americanize on said:

    Kudos to those officers,most of us know that their r good police officers.But its the bad ones,an their r bad ones who needs to be dealt with.Race Soldiers,posing as cops.

  4. mr soul on said:

    God bless you Kurtis the cops was doing what you pay them to do save life . Hey not to kill blacks folks that’s doing nothing . You know LA history.

  5. Margaret Rorie on said:

    I want to comment on that policeman savage barbarian in San Antonio who gave that homeless man a poop sandwich. Just getting fired was not enough, but the father of all of us has a good Lesson for you. I just bet that you won’t be laughing then. You are a poor excuse for a human, l would hate being you.

  6. Nice work officers! And Kaydee, you are right. And, if more brothers who are up to no good would stop being up to no good, and comply when encounters g police, many of them would have better police encounters too.

    • mr soul on said:

      Byron what world are you living in? What about all the pig cops that plan guns on our people that they kill for doing nothing but being a black man or Women

  7. Frederick Clemmons on said:

    That show us we come together helped one another in time of need .it all so show we can trust the man in blue their are still some people with hearts of gold. Believe they can still do their job.

  8. specialt757 on said:

    I agree, I’m glad they were there and this turned out good. There are good people in the world today no matter what their race or occupation and again, it’s not reported nearly enough All the bad seems to overshadow the good. I wish our “these are the breaks” star a speedy recovery. We’re playin’ basketball, we love that basketball…

  9. So glad Mr. Walker is alright, but I’m not at all surprised at what the officers did. I see police officers doing good all the time. The bads ones get all the publicity, while the hundreds of kind, life saving acts done by good officers every day are not reported on nearly as much, because they’re not considered good press, hold no agenda and hold no interest to the race baiting, hatefulness and ugliness that seems to just keep the news stations in business. God bless those officers.

  10. Kurtis wasn’t a suspect for any crime possibly committed, he wasn’t driving a vehicle being pulled over for some bullshit, and he wasn’t accused of resisting arrest, nor was Kurtis posing a threat to the officers as “Big and Intimidating” Kurtis was perceived by the cops to be a Black man in medical distress whereby the officers did what needed to be done. The circumstances in this situation were fortunately different from what has normally occurred with police confronting a Black person therefore I’m happy that Kurtis Blow’s life was saved by those cops and this story is a fine example of how the police should conduct themselves and I wish Kurtis Walker all the best in a speedy recovery…Thank God!

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