Well, well, well. We are pretty surprised to find out that former rapstress Solè, Ginuwine’s ex-wife and mother of two of his daughters has moved on from their divorce. But it’s who she’s moved on with that’s really a surprise. A look at her Instagram account shows that’s she’s very much in love with a man you may remember. But let’s let her tell the story in her Instagram post below:

Yup. That’s Public Enemy’s Professor Griff, who was woke before the term was even popular and who separated from the group years ago after his anti-Semitic remarks became public.

Solè has several pics of the couple on her page. Apparently, her ex is all good with it, because all three of them were pictured together recently.

Solè has two daughters with Ginuwine and two daughters from a previous relationships. We don’t have any details on Professor Griff and what he’s up to these days, or if the couple live together or plan to get married, but he definitely looks happy.

Our best to the couple!

H/T to Theybf.com, where the story first appeared.

PHOTOS: Solè Instagram

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