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Common is much more than another rapper from the south side of Chicago. The Grammy, Golden Globe, and Academy Award-winning rapper is also a philanthropist and social activist, who makes no qualms about speaking out about the social injustice that plagues the African American community. All which he discusses brilliantly in his newest album, Black America Again.


He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his 11th studio album and clarifies those Regina Hall rumors.

On his duet with Stevie Wonder:

“This is about love. It’s a call to action. We’ve got to change things. We’ve seen what’s happening with the devaluing of our lives. I try to do it with the music and activism.”


On the rumors of him dating Barbershop co-star Regina Hall:

“I’m a single man. Regina is incredible. But we’ve decided not to date. We’re friends. And Serena…we’re friends.”

Black America Again is available everywhere today, November 4th. Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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12 thoughts on “Common Says The World Would Be Better If Women Ran It

  1. hoodtechie on said:

    common has been castrated and is now considered a metro sexual(man with woman tendacies)don’t be surprised when he comes out of the closet

  2. The hand that rocks the cradle–SHOULD RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!

    Women in politics can and very often do a better job than the men. We have compassion for others, whereas men do not. We know what it is like to struggle-they don’t.
    Therefore, women will usually make more positive decisions than men!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is nothing weak about the so called “weaker sex.”!!!!!!!!!

  3. Private on said:

    Please keep in mind that Hillary stands behind late term abortion, as well as same sex marriage. She,people,is against Christianity and what the Bible stands for. Please read her entire platform before counting anyone out. What glitters isn’t always gold and what’s portrayed on TV isn’t always true. Please educate yourselves rather than taking the word of FOX or CNN….the media is not your friend.

  4. Stlchicago on said:

    That may or may not be true. But, just keep in mind – all the evil man has done since the beginning of time, there has probably been a woman by his side. Either turning a blind eye or lending a hand to the evils. I’m just saying….

  5. specialt757 on said:

    I think we need competent leadership and it doesn’t matter if that’s from a man or a woman. As long as the person has the qualities and qualifications it takes to run and make decisions based on everyone’s needs and best interests. Not all groups in the country are treated the same or nowhere near fairly, and I’m not speaking solely about race or gender I’m also speaking about the classes. There is no one fix that will change it all for the better but we do need to come together as a race (the human race) and learn how to be respectful. We’ve already seen what hate and discontent gets us, why not try LOVE. Not sure how that will work, but if everyone does their part not to be mean and hateful but courteous and respectful we will be on the right path. Anyone not complying would die on the spot. I know its wishful thinking but if it were my world this would be my plan.

  6. HILLARY 2016! And, that’s exactly why Hillary should be President. After all men have been running the country for DECADES. It’s time for a women!! HILLARY 2016!

  7. LEts see. The world has been destructive with men in power.. the actual wise men who use their privilege to fight oppression are those who should be leaders. However there is not much of them, since many men despise the thought of being fair anyone else but themselves. This is the sad truth, the weakest hold on to power because they want control. The control of such men is why the world is so wicked, sexist, and racist. It’s always been ran by men who cannot have compassion, see fairness, or share control. The same things women are criticized for being-emotional, bossy, nurturing.. are probably the actual strengths the world needs. This is Not a matter of giving up control or masculinity, but the old way never worked, and isn’t-think of an alternative world where there isn’t war, hatred, or oppression. Isn’t this a harmonious one? Everyone doesn’t have equal playing field and that is why the world is so dysfunctional.

  8. This woman would have to be able to suppress all emotion, and women are emotional at times, to make the hard decisions. Women at times are very decisive. With this election and dumb shyt that is printed regarding her past transgressions, I hope she has very, very thick skin and can take the punishment. I wouldn’t want that job. No privacy.

  9. It takes a certain woman, one who is wise, fearless, filled with divine wisdom and love, too many of you are confusing say for instance Hillary of being like ya mama, an aunt, or a caring older sister who is going to take good care of you, that is just not the case with many woman. There are some awful women in this world and the bible speaks of many. It has being proven over and over again that Hillary has no respect for rules and regulations, she has been unfair in many instances, she has racist ties she has admitted to on her YOUTUBE speech that she was a “Goldwater Girl” (look it up) Barry Gold water was a man who hated Dr. Martin Luther King and fought viciously against civil rights, the king of woman I would like to see is not the corrupt characteristics I find in Hillary who thinks she’s invincible.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Unfortunately, Hillary is the only one that is qualified (in this race) and on the Nov 8th ballot. You always reference Hillary’s goldwater video but never any vile videos and comments Trump has made. What does that make you? Closed-minded?

      Hillary, or for that matter, no woman or man is without fault, no not one. Open your closed mind and try to imagine a life with someone who openly admits to kissing woman without their permission, grabbing their private parts, call latinos rapists and murderers, doesn’t want to rent to black and latino tenants, has never done a thing, oh except for pose for pics with historical people which is the same thing as saying, I’m not racist I have one black friend. Imagine your world with someone who has friends like the dictator Putin and likes him because he gives him compliments He goes on twitter rants and belittles anyone and everyone who makes a negative statement instead of having “thick skin” that a woman is supposed to have, but as you can see he’s a lot weaker than she is. And this is your candidate of choice? Sounds like a bad dream we should all be awakened from.

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