Early yesterday morning something truly terrible happened.

Two police officers in Iowa were shot and killed. Police described each successive shooting as an ambush that each officer never saw coming. Like most officers, these men had adoring families and a network of friends and colleagues who are absolutely devastated by this loss. I hate what was done to these men. I have never once wished death on a single officer. When I quote Dr. King’s words that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” that includes this horrific injustice as well. Our nation is worse off because of this.

Yet, after waking up at 3:30 AM yesterday morning to catch a flight out of Burlington, Vermont to make my way first to New York, then here to Dallas, I learned of these horrific murders not by catching a glimpse of the story on a television in a terminal of JFK airport or by looking at the news on my phone – instead, I opened up Twitter and saw multiple users asking me if I “felt remorse” for what I had caused or if I was going to address the costs of the “war on police” that I was waging as a leader in the Black Lives Matter Movement. I didn’t even know that the shooting had taken place, and I certainly didn’t know who was responsible, and I was already being blamed for it.  I saw other tweets blaming President Obama and even others blaming Hillary Clinton.

Yet, within 30 minutes we learned that the suspected shooter was a bigoted white man named Scott Michael Greene. Just a few weeks ago, the 46 year old Greene was kicked out of a local high school football game for waving a Confederate flag right in the face of black fans. The man was no Black Lives Matter activist – quite the opposite – he appears, if anything, to fit the very profile of a modern day white supremacist and we just learned that he was a public supporter of Donald Trump. After seeing a video of how he was harassing black fans at that game with the Confederate flag, it didn’t surprise me at all to learn that he’s a Trump supporter. He has empowered bigots all over this country.

With absolutely no evidence, with nothing more than dangerous stereotypes of black criminality to lean on, a scary black boogeyman was imagined, and a phony conspiracy was hatched, with me, the Black Lives Matter Movement, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton as the dubious masterminds. It’s not just preposterous, it’s dangerous and ignores the realities of who is actually shooting and killing police in this country. White men, most often older, with extensive criminal records, represent the majority people who’ve shot and killed police not only this year, but since 1999.

It’d be easy for this to go completely over the head of conservative white folk, though, because nothing rivals the media coverage that Fox News gives a case where a black man actually does shoot and kill a police officer. It is then, and almost only then, that a “war on police” is mentioned. What I saw yesterday in real time was sick. When conservatives assumed the shooter was black, they were outraged, and wanted the whole world to know about it, but the outrage all but disappeared the moment they realized the shooter looked like them.

I wanna end this morning with a thought on why we must stop Donald Trump. Many of you have voted early. If you can vote early and you haven’t, go for it. Get it out of the way. If you’re waiting until Tuesday, whatever you do, don’t skip out, don’t stay home. All of us MUST VOTE. Trump could win. He’s now up in several polls and listen, he not only empowers the very worst elements in our country, the KKK just did a full spread on their endorsement of him in their own newspaper this week, but Trump openly promotes and embraces the very stereotypes that caused thousands of white folk to start blaming us for this shooting when it’s mainly white folk that are killing cops in America.  Facts don’t matter to Trump and they don’t matter to his supporters.

Hillary’s not my dream candidate, but I’m willing to do the same thing Bernie Sanders has done for months and temporarily put aside my differences in an effort to stop Donald Trump. The man, his team, his ideas, and his policies are truly dangerous and he’s already given us a glimpse of what life with him as a leader would look like. If you think it’s bad now, it’d be 10 times worse with him as President.

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9 thoughts on “Donald Trump Unleashes The Worst Of America

  1. Norm Guthartz on said:

    When Donald Trump made his shambolic outreach to African American voters on August 19, he asked, “What the hell do you have to lose?”
    The man who asked the question answered it just days later: they stand to lose their right to vote. And that’s just the beginning.
    Since late August at least, Trump has intimated that he will lose the election only if it is robbed from him. Election fraud is how it will be done, he argues, and claims that it will happen at polls in African American and Latino neighborhoods.
    How does he propose to stop it? By recruiting an army of vigilantes (often armed) – and he’s already started. His campaign speeches are punctuated by barely veiled racism. He conflates minority groups with illegality. With bald-faced corruption. With an anti-democratic putsch to seize power.
    Trump has planted this seed of suspicion in the minds of his followers and is now ordering them to disenfranchise African American, Latino, Native American voters by force.
    Anyone who doesn’t vote on Tuesday increases the chances of a triumphal Trump entry into the White House. That would amount to rewarding him for his frontal assault on the Voting Rights Act of 1965 – which enshrines every American’s primary political right.
    And that’s just the beginning. A President Trump would go on to destroy our country’s entire heritage of civil rights legislation. That is what everyone would lose, and it would be hell.
    So, if you have to stand in line from the night before for the polls to open, do so. Make sure your family, friends, neighbors and associates get to the polls in plenty of time. Don’t leave it until the evening, when Trump’s vigilantes punch their time clocks, load their weapons and invade your communities.

  2. So the blacks killed in Chicago and throughout the country are Obama’s fault? You can not equate violence with one person. For the record, When BLM confronted Hillary, she brushed it off.

  3. common on said:

    How dare you associate this with Trump, he just like you had nothing to do with this or knew of it until however he gets news, so I guess the violence of shootings in inner cities is also his fault, you may not like the man but it is wrong to judge and fault another for something they had nothing to do with, They were innocent officers and it was heart breaking to hear, I don’t blame anyone but the one who pulled the trigger, the inner cities are plague with shootings all over this nation, instead of pointing a finger lets come up solutions, you have the bigger platform so lets start with you Mr. King, any solutions? are where can we gather with you with ammunition for change?

  4. Informed on said:

    Yes we equate bigotry with Trump and all the racists and bigots that support him.. Not all of his supporters are racists and bigots, but all racists and bigots support Donald Trump. He empowers them to say and do what they really think and feel which is to direct their anger and violence at people of color, Muslims, gays, lesbians. Yes black on black crime in Chicago is horrific. But Donald Trump who wants to be our President promotes violence and disdain. Murder by anybody’s hands is tragic. Black lives matter is saying “make all lives matter by starting with acknowledging that Black lives matter” and if everybody of every race, creed and color does that, the murder rate would go down across the entire country. But because we’re saying make Black lives matter, White Nationalist Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn about Black lives and neither does his supporters.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    So true Shaun, when folks found out this animal was white all conversations ceased. No one even mentioned it on this site, this black site mind you. Where everything comes down to black vs. white. I think people were secretly hoping it was a black career criminal or crack head, but never a meth head, racist 46 yo punk. Thing I can’t figure, why this white fool killed white officers? Oh now that I think about it, killing black officers would have defeated the purpose because after all black lives don’t matter to anyone, and especially to blacks.

  6. Ok so you equate acts of Bigotry with Trump, then since members of BLM are on video chanting death to police, equating this group to violence toward police is fare as well
    Not to mention the black man in Dallas that killed those police
    and white men may commit more murders but black murder is by far more prevalent
    When you look at per capita numbers, just look at the body count in Chicago alone

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