Kandi Burruss was a guest on “Hollywood Today Live” and she threw shade at her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star (and “Dish Nation” co-host) Porsha Williams to guest hosts Ali Landry and Curtis Stone.

On Porsha’s accusations that Kandi is a lesbian:

“I mean, honestly, I can only tell you the truth. Basically, Porsha [Williams] threw shade at me, by the way, all I have to say is that if I’m a lesbian, then she is too. There was never a sex dungeon. My husband and I never invited her anywhere, she actually invited us out somewhere. And I have the text messages to prove it. That’s the thing ya know, a lot of people know I have Bedroom Kandi and stuff like that so everybody automatically assumes, anything they say about me that’s sexual they think, ‘Oh, okay, people are going to believe it.’ And you might have believed it, had I not had proof that she had actually invited us.”

Watch below.

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(Photo Source: Hollywood Live Youtube)

2 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss Dismisses Lesbian Rumor On ‘Hollywood Live’

  1. Beeg1984 on said:

    She actually made a comment on RHOA on a beach with Nene and Cynthia, about hooking up with a woman, like she think is would be something she liked to do one day. Can’t remember the season, but I remember Nene was hating on her hips and thighs cause they were big.. Maybe Porsha say that and was like, “let me try this”.. hehehehe

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