On a recent episode of We TV’s Growing Up Hip Hop, Angela Simmons revealed to her older sister Vanessa Simmons that she was pregnant by her boyfriend, now fiance, Sutton Tennyson.

Vanessa wasn’t the only one in shock when Angela announced the news. Up until now, the world knew her as a virgin, a claim she made very public over the last few years.



Angela, who is in full mommy mode, couldn’t seem more happier.

💕Friday Mood 💕 #RainyDay #FamilyOverEverything 🙏🏼✨👶🏾❤️

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BTS @people shoot ❤️. @thenessalee #VanessaAntonelli

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Watch her break the news below.


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(Photo Source: WE Youtube screenshot)

10 thoughts on “Angela Simmons Reveals She Got Pregnant The First Time Having Sex

  1. For those of you who don’t believe her it happens for real. There was a 12 year old who stated she never had sex and was pregnant. Mom took her to the doctor and her hymen was not broken. Doctor confirmed it, however they were to kids bumping and grinding without cloths. Today this yong lady has a son who’s 8 yrs of age. Her mom didn’t believe it until the doctor confirmed it. It happens to plenty of young ladies. Please don’t judge…

    • RENO2AC on said:

      It does not happen to “plenty” of young ladies, statistically speaking. However, it is possible if the semen came in contact with the vagina. Also, the hymen a lot of times has little tears in it, which allows the semen to enter. Angela, may not have had sexual “intercourse,” but she had sexual contact in order to become pregnant.

  2. Louisiana on said:

    So did peanut butter and jelly also had sex on the first time and name there baby sandwich, girl go and sit down with that lie your own sister don’t believe you so the joke is really on you.

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