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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign rally at Kent State University, Monday, Oct. 31, 2016, in Kent, Ohio. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

KENT, Ohio (AP) — Hillary Clinton forcefully challenged the FBI’s new email inquiry Monday, declaring during a campaign rally in battleground Ohio, “There’s no case here.”

It’s not clear whether the emails are pertinent to the FBI’s dormant investigation into whether classified information passed through Clinton’s homebrew email server. But Clinton’s comments Monday were her most pointed yet on the subject, and they underscored her campaign’s decision to fight back aggressively against the FBI’s review.

Clinton accused the FBI of having jumped into the election “with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go.” She said that if the bureau wants to look at the emails from her longtime aide Huma Abedin, “by all means, they should look at them.”

But she insisted the FBI would reach the same conclusion it did earlier this year when it declined to prosecute Clinton and her advisers for their handling of classified information.

“They said it wasn’t even a close call,” she said. “I think most people have decided a long time ago what they think about all of this.”

Clinton’s campaign is banking on exactly that as the email controversy erupts anew in the White House race’s final days. Republican Donald Trump has seized on the FBI decision, gleeful over getting a new opportunity to hammer Clinton’s trustworthiness and perhaps change the trajectory of a race that appeared to be slipping away from him.

The Democrat tried to refocus the contest on Trump as she opened the final full week of campaigning with a rally at Kent State University. She’s blasted Trump at length for being unfit to serve as commander in chief, bringing together several of the charges she has leveled against him throughout the campaign.

Speaking in serious tones, Clinton warned at length about putting Trump in control of the nation’s nuclear stockpiles. She accused him of talking “casually” about nuclear war and wondered whether he knows “that a single nuclear warhead can kill millions of people.”

Clinton’s message was amplified by Bruce Blair, a former intercontinental ballistic missile launch control officer. Blair said he would “live in constant fear” of Trump making a bad call about nuclear weapons if he were still a launch officer.

Clinton’s blistering warnings about Trump’s preparedness for the Oval Office were an attempt to refocus the choice In front of voters after a rough stretch for her campaign. Her team has long accepted that many voters simply don’t trust the former secretary of state, but they believe she is viewed as more qualified than Trump to be president — an assertion backed up by many public opinion polls.

Still, Clinton’s advisers were stunned by FBI Director James Comey’s decision to publicly alert Congress that the bureau had new information that could be pertinent to its initial email investigation. Comey’s letter to lawmakers was short on detail, infuriating the Clinton campaign, which accused him of leaving the situation open to inaccurate interpretations.

The investigation appears to center on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman and Abedin’s estranged husband. It’s unclear whether the material on the device was from Clinton. It’s also not known if the emails in question are new or duplicates of the thousands the former secretary of state and her aides have already turned over.

Democrats have robustly rallied around Clinton, including black and Hispanic lawmakers. During a Congressional Black Caucus news conference on Saturday, Rep. Gregory Meeks suggested Comey might be trying to affect the election results.

“Don’t hide in silence,” Meeks said. “Don’t be the one that’s trying to sway an election 10 days beforehand. The American people deserve and we want to know in its entirety what the emails are and what you are investigating.”

If there’s a silver lining for Clinton in the FBI’s actions, it’s that her campaign now has a way to convince Democrats who might have considered skipping voting that their nominee needs their support.

Before Comey’s letter to Congress, Clinton’s campaign had watched with mixed feelings as her standing in poll after poll improved and Trump faltered amid a string of sexual assault accusations.

“In the last week, I think the Clinton campaign was worried it was going to become too easy and that people would feel that,” said Mo Elleithee, who worked on Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential campaign. “Now there’s a reason for all of our supporters to believe it’s going to be hard.”


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10 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Dismisses New Email Release

  1. common on said:

    View Hillary’s acknowledgement of being a Goldwater girl on youtube, Barry Goldwater hated Dr. Martin Luther King and fought against civil rights, why would you vote for someone with hidden racism? this woman cares less, youtube stories and videos of Trump standing along side Rosa Parks and Mahammad Ali and his affiliation with he NAACP.

  2. I’m done with all the news media. ABC, NBC CBS, CNN, etc. Overall the media has not called Trump out on his BS. I think the media is scared of Trump. For example when he talks about creating millions of jobs…….did I miss it…….has the media ever ever ever pushed Trump into answering exactly how, where, and what sectors he would create millions of jobs in???

    • He has laid out a clear plan for the creation of jobs, and it makes perfect sense. Google it. Good gawd, are you really going to cast a vote being so illiterate on the issues and the candidates plans?

  3. Neither Hillary’s emails, nor Trump’s ridiculous antics are going to change anyone’s vote. People that are for Hillary are still for Hillary. Go Hillary!!! I sure as H wouldn’t vote for phony, lying, fake, not really a liberal, nor conservative, who will say anything his supporters want to hear Trump. Go Hillary!

    • Have you looked at the polls today? Do you understand how independent and undecided voters operate? Go back into your safe space crafted by your crooked, pimp pastor.

  4. Mac Ben on said:

    She is corrupt. She needs to be charged just like GEN Petraus was, like Bradley Manning was, and like GEN Cartwright is being charged. The rules on classified information are clear— violate them and risk face suspension or revocation. One cannot be Pres without proper access to classified information! She should also be tried for conspiracy and collusion with Donna Brasile and Wassermsn-Schultz.

  5. The Truth on said:

    I want be surprise if BEFORE this ELECTION over Mr. Trump has The Clinton’s GRANDBABY CHARGE with a Felony. ALL this Crap you know Mr. Trump is behind it. REMEMBER it HILLARY today and this could be you or,someone in your family. The FBI can not come out and say we are investigating someone else and I saw your name and you May or MAY NOT be guilty or involved but let me tell The World just in case but we will see later.This is Insane…and it STINKS!!!

    • Care to explain how Trump had a hand in the operation of the State Dept.? Oh and ever heard the term “conspiracy” many people are in state and federal prisons due to evidence in someone else s investigation leading to them

    • The only Truth here is that you are a straight up idiot. Yeah, Trump, a Republican, has the FBI and State Dept. in his pocket.

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