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It was only a matter of time.

Thirteen days before Americans elect the next president of the United States, it appears that Black voters in Georgia are being systematically excluded from the electoral process.

Community activists and Georgia elected officials say there is widespread discrimination in one Georgia county – Hancock County, about 70 miles west of Augusta, GA.

Voter suppression tactics designed to keep Black folks from voting isn’t new but today, with a tight presidential race between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, every vote counts. Clinton needs an outpouring of support from the African-American community to propel her into the White House.

Civil rights advocates have filed a lawsuit in Hancock County demanding that officials investigate what they contend is a systematic effort to prevent African-Americans from voting in Sparta, Georgia next month.

They say more than 100,000 voter registration applications have not been processed. They also claim that sheriff’s deputies harassed 180 Black residents by going door-to-door asking them to appear in court to prove their residency.

And it gets worse: If the Black residents don’t comply, according to the sheriff’s deputies, they could lose their right to vote.

“This is not a surprise,” State Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler told reporters. “This is a new form of voter suppression and voter dilution. “We cannot, in 2016, allow 1960, 1934, 1954 tactics to be used in the state of Georgia.”

Meanwhile, new polls show Clinton and Trump are locked in a statistical tie in Georgia and that what was once a traditional red state that could now turn blue.

Bill Murrain, a former civil rights lawyer based in Atlanta who supports Clinton, said minority voters can be game-changers in this and future elections.

“In this the reddest of states, Trump’s chicanery and buffoonery are operating to give the Democrats of the state of Georgia a realistic opportunity at the ballot,” Murrain said. “Many of my friends and neighbors are excited by the opportunity and are now donating to the Georgia State party, volunteering and doing our share to register new voters as well as making every effort to get as many voters as possible to the polls early.”

In Fulton County, which makes up much of Atlanta, there were 363,000, African-Americans living in the county in 2000 compared to 421,000 in 2015, according to Census data. Many Georgia residents believe if Georgia turns blue, it could also impact other southern states.

According to the Center for American Progress, “In the last decade, Georgia had a rapid rate of increase in its minority population, going from 37 to 44 percent minority over the time period. The increase in the minority population accounted for 81 percent of Georgia’s growth over the decade. Unusually, the biggest contributor to minority growth came from Blacks, who alone accounted for 39 percent of Georgia’s growth.

“It is a shame that anyone would feel it’s appropriate to send a sheriff’s deputy to the home of anyone to check their voter registration,” State Rep. LaDawn Blackett-Jones told reporters. “That is unheard of and that is unacceptable.”

Thirteen days before Election Day and we’re talking about the same voter suppression tactics that Black folks experienced in the 1950s.

It’s pathetic that history keeps repeating itself.

What do you think?

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22 thoughts on “Voter Suppression In Georgia Targets Black Voters

  1. Super Mrs. C. on said:

    Things for which people have stood in line, gotten up early, spent too much money, or even endangered themselves!

    1. Powerball tickets
    2. Designer sneakers
    3. Concert tickets (The Stones, The Beatles, Prince, Beyonce, The Jackson 5)
    4. The latest i-phone
    5. Sports playoff tickets
    6. Doorbuster sales before and after holidays
    7. Cabbage Patch Dolls
    8. Beanie Babies
    9. Hamilton tickets, Lion King tickets, Prairie Home Companion tickets
    10. A parking spot closer to Ikea
    11. The latest Harry Potter book release
    12. The latest Harry Potter movie premiere
    13. BOGO at DWS
    14. The Clinique “Free gift with Purchase”
    15. The latest Star Wars premiere
    16. Gameboys
    17. Tickle me Elmo
    18. Rides at Disneyworld
    19. The King Tut Exhibit
    20. The Mona Lisa at the National Gallery of Art
    21. Jordache jeans
    22. Barbecued turkey drumsticks at the State Fair
    23. The Filene’s Basement wedding dress sale
    24. Starbucks coffee
    25. The Vermeer Exhibit at the National Gallery of Art
    26. Autographs
    27. Play Station
    28. The best-known bbq spot, pizza spot, sub spot, etc., in your state
    29. Dunkin’ Donuts “cronuts”
    30. The opening of the new “Cake Boss” bakery

    Some of those lines may have been “worth it,” some not, but I doubt any of them is/was as consequential as getting in line to vote in this election. Show what’s important to you. Do not let the President’s legacy be erased by hatred.

  2. Karen Cook on said:

    I live in GA and with the will and help of God, I WILL VOTE IN THIS YEAR’S election, nobody and I MEAN NOBODY WILL HOLD ME DOWN….👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👊👊👊👊👊👊

    • Abdullah mujahid on said:

      Who are you Peter,ill tell who you are a savage beast,and why do black people want to be equal with people like you,see you say the panther’s and the nation teach hate yea hate pig and the liquor and his dope,you teach hate a good example is a black family still today is not welcomed in the white suburbs,that fire fighter and family house was burned down in Westchester,ny. I got endless examples your a devil.

      • u black bastard. 13 percent of the population yet over 50 percent of violent crime. we should have left u subhuman beasts in africa you would still be living in the stone ages!

    • Abdullah mujahid on said:

      Hey Punk peter,malcom x said it best.
      I charge the white man,with being
      The biggest liar on earth.
      The biggest murderer on earth.
      The biggest hypocrite on earth.
      Every where he goes he causes nothing but havoc and can’t deny it,
      We’re living proof your a devil,
      We can’t get no real democracy,all we ever get is hipocracy.

      • To our subject now……..Are whites superior to blacks?
        My political “correct” answer :
        1. Whites head to head with blacks (rest races excluded) dominate and win over 90% of sports at the Summer Olympics (major sports such as Tennis, Soccer, Golf etc and minor sports like long distance running for example included) and nearly 100% of the medals in the Winter Olympics. The gap between the two races in Extreme sports, Auto and Motor Sports etc is unmatched as well. All these are facts, now if you want to doubt or deny them to feel better, then go ahead.
        2. Scientifically, militarily, technologically, politically, economically and so on, whites have conquered (multiple times) the world, have colonized, have invented pretty much everything we use, have produced the greatest warriors in the battle field, the greatest generals, the greatest empires, went to the space, went to the moon, explored and conquered the oceans, the highest mountains, builds the greatest monuments and buildings, produces the greatest mathematicians, philosophers, explorers, scientists, astronauts, doctors, lawyers, actors, models, singers, music groups, painters, composers and so many more million things.
        It’s no secret that the western civilization that every subhuman from Africa wants to be part of (by having a position in white societies and a white OBESE woman as a trophy) is a creature of the white man!
        3. Looks wise, the white human is by far the most desirable and diverse worldwide, has the biggest variety in hair texture, in colour of the eyes, in colour of the hair, the most beautiful features (that black women ala Tyra Banks, Beyonce etc take nose jobs to have a “white” nose) and so on. The vast majority (95% plus) of models, beauty queens in Universal pageants, sexy symbols even in Jewish dominated fields as Hollywood and so on have been traditionally white .
        4. Fashion wise that blacks funnily claim to be imitated from white boys……….Who designed jeans? Pants? Jackets? Hats? What’s the race of giants of the field such as Dior, Chanel, Calvin Clein, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino and 99% of them pretty much? How dare you to make such claims when your people’s fashion has been leaf covers son and all you do systematically is copying our culture, style and fashion?
        5. Inventions and contributions to society……..Do you really want me to go there now with you? A simple example, white man invented boats, trains, spaceships, sonars, planes, electricity, computers etc while the black man’s greatest invention is peanut butter…….You do the math son!
        6. Manhood, bravery, ambition etc the white man has no match there too. He has achieved what rest races don’t even dare to think and usually out of jealousy and envy say “Look what the crazy white man does” simply because they wish they could do and achieve all the white man has achieved, but they know they can’t!
        I will go one step further and I am afraid that this claim of mine will be against my ideology and the whole Jewish propaganda of porn, but check even in the porn industry, how 95% of the male performers, award winners etc are white men with great bodies and HUGE “heart” if you know what I mean………Where are all these “gifted” black men? Again even in that field, you are the slightest minority! John Holmes is considered to this day the “longest and harder” ever……..even that myth surrounding your race is ALL FALSE!
        My NON political correct answer :
        After all I said, you will probably come back either with a verbal insult, or even worse if we spoke face to face, you would try physical violence against me, with me dominating you,
        Now if you were trying to speak back civilized and say the common nonsense I have been used to hear from people of your inferior kind such as :
        ” The white man stole this from us, we had the greatest empires named UCHO KUCHO and Zandia Keylia, the white man enslaved us and he’s the reason we are in such position today blah blah ”
        My answer would be simple as that……….Mother nature teaches us that the bigger, smarter, more capable and stronger fish eats the small, dumb, weak, pathetic one. You should know such rule, since you use the name of Darwin, who was one of the men who believed in such theory with a passion………all I am trying to say is, by crying out loud how white man did this or that to you, how he conquered your land, enslaved you and so on, all you do really is verifying the basic rule of nature
        Bottom line, the black man was conquered, enslaved and dominated from his white boss for a reason, if the black man could, he would do the same or even worse in my opinion and if you make a historical research you will find out that various African tribes tried plenty of times to conquer and enslave Ancient Greece, Italy, Spain, Malta and more.
        To close this, when I see a black man crying for what happened in the past or making questions of the kind you just made, all I see is black men with hidden anger, frustration and extreme jealousy, simply because your ancestors failed to be as dominant as our ancestors……….You can’t be all about “peace, diversity and equality” but the vast majority of your inferior kind celebrating openly with joy and pleasure the so called upcoming extinction of the white race …….That proves to me what I already know, that all your kind (and the Jews of course) truly is, is a bunch of cowards who want domination and power, but are not willing to fight and conquer it with glory just like whites usually do and will do again one day.
        Have a nice rest of the day sir!

  3. J Russell on said:

    First of all America is a joke for even letting Trump run for the highest job in this nation. When I was working and wanted to apply for a job in management you had to go by the STAR SYSTEM on your experience and knowledge on the specific job. S = situation, T = task, A = action and R = result. America is a joke even to let Trump in as a candidate when he has no experience in politics, law, foreign affairs and most of all relating to the middle class of people and even the poor but only relating to the rich. Talk about make America Great Again – WAKE UP AMERICA

  4. Zpeach on said:

    You knew it wouldn’t take them long to start this kind of crap. Put it out there for everybody to see and fight for your right to vote. The republicans know their candidate can’t win if we vote so that is why the system has been rigged for decades. Hate will not win this one.

    • so because I look at things objectively and question what seams out of place, I should like you be a lemming or minion and just accept what is spoon fed down my throat?

  5. BOY!! Talk about “voter suppression” the picture accompanying this article is totally misleading, you’re supposed to fill in the box not just (x) it otherwise your vote may not get counted ,this photo must have been taken off one of those southern Democrat web sites

  6. The Truth on said:

    People period need to wake up and come together against racist group of people. Every Black people because of our history and what gas happen to our family yes…Our family thru the years show be Voting. This is your Voice when they beat and killed you for opening your mouth. You need to UNDERSTAND how important your Voice is to Vote represents your Dead sisters and brothers. When it come to the ghetto it’s NOT JUST BLACK anymore..We need to Fight for All people who believe we NEED EACH OTHER…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE!!!


    wow. hatred and racism are still alive and well. do not let it deter you, go vote…our ancestors fought and died for our right so do the right thing and get out and vote. Father let no harm and no crazy shenanigans keep any of our people from voting no matter who they chose to vote for. Let them remember what our ancestors fought and died for, for our right to be treated as citizens and to be able to cast a vote in the election. We put this in your hands Lord, Amen…

  8. The bogus Voter ID laws enacted by the dirty GOP does just that–suppresses OUR VOTES!!!!

    Since Barack H. Obama received a large share of the minority vote in both 2008 and 2012-the GOP
    changed the rules of the game.

    They assume that all minorities vote Democratic and have waged a war on those voters.
    This is not what DEMOCRACY is all about!!!!!

    Although folks will no doubt come out in droves to cast their votes on 11/08/16–GOD WILL HAVE THE FINAL SAY IN THIS ENTIRE MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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