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Stripper turned sex-positive activist Amber Rose says that she understands why Donald Trump said he can grab women “by the p—y,” and it basically stems from him being an old, entitled and rich white man in America.

“This is definitely not me sticking up for Donald Trump at all, [but] I do feel like, based on his age, where he came from, the fact that he grew up with a lot of money and a lot of entitlement, that’s probably all he knows. White, privileged, older, f–king rich as f–k,” Rose said on her”Loveline with Amber Rose” podcast on

“‘I can touch anybody’s p—y I want, I’m Donald Trump. Who the hell is ever going to say no?’” she added.

The single mother also explained, “I feel like if Donald Trump — if I was just a regular girl, before I became an activist — came and touched my vagina, I would be scared to tell someone. I would be terrified. I would be like, ‘Donald Trump literally just touched my vagina. Who the f–k do I call? Do I call 9-1-1? Do I call the cop that lives in my neighborhood? Who do I contact? Do I get online and put it on Twitter?’”

Rose noted that when someone is a victim of an alleged assault from a rich or famous person, it makes it more difficult for the public to sympathize with the victim.

Do you agree?

“How do I go about it [so] people literally wouldn’t say, ‘You’re f–king lying. Donald Trump is a millionaire. He doesn’t have to touch your vagina without consent. He could literally f–k whoever he wants’?”

Meanwhile, when Rose was asked to weigh in on Trump’s “sex tape” tweet and his Internet takedown of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, the talk show host replied, “It doesn’t matter if she had a sex tape. That doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of being great. And it has nothing to do with her opinion of someone running for president.”

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4 thoughts on “Amber Rose Says She Understands Trump’s Misogyny, White Privilege

  1. White men like him have been raping women since the beginning of time! Anyone familiar with history knows that! That’s why so many white men can dismiss his remarks! Just another day in the life!

  2. Any woman who is older or out there knows – Amber is right. His arrogance, attempts at intimidation so far has worked. His privilege and attitude of abuse of those he feels is lower in status than he are targets – the slave master personified.

  3. The difference is that Kim looks “faker” than Amber. Everything looks swollen on Kim. Lips, butt and I’m sure breasts are as well!

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