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NEW YORK (AP) — A New York police officer shot and killed an emotionally disturbed, 66-year-old woman wielding scissors and a baseball bat, and investigators want to know why he didn’t use his stun gun instead.

Police say the sergeant had persuaded the woman to drop the scissors Tuesday night, but then fired after she swung the bat in a Bronx apartment.

Assistant Chief Larry Nikunen says the sergeant had a Taser. He says the reason it was not deployed will be part of the investigation.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. issued a statement condemning the shooting.

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33 thoughts on “Bronx Police Kill 66-Year-Old Black Woman Wielding A Bat

  1. African American Woman on said:

    Awwww…you just mad because my responses are snappier and more coherent than yours. I already know about Willie Lynch, his speech and what techniques he used to break the black slave down and keep them dependent on the master. I read it and don’t want to be a victim of Willie Lynch, however, you may have read it but decided to live it. Break free, my brother, there are no more chains on you. The white man can’t control you anymore than you can control yourself. The days of being a hapless victim are over!

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Hmmmm. Maybe you have the meanings of inquire and imply mixed up? I asked that based on your response to your racist cop comment. Sooooo, since I guess you couldn’t come up with anything, you try and flip the script. How do I know what my ancestors did???? Are you kidding? Have YOU no knowledge of our history? My father was nearly 50 when I was born almost 40 years ago-he, his brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all came from S. Carolina growing up in the 30’s as sharecroppers, working the land year round all day and into the night while the kids walked miles to the black school for whatever little education they could get. My father and a few of their siblings pooled what little they saved, came up North and purchased a home in New York. They all worked hard and believed in righteous living, sticking together, wealth building, family and education. If our ancestors didn’t bust their behinds, you would t be able to be in this site spewing your “poor black helpless me” nonsense.

  3. African American Woman on said:

    Of course it sounds like noise to you…I’m not speaking in your native language; sheep, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • Malney96 on said:

      A woman of your age with such a childish response, is shocking! Again, google willi lynch’s speech, it will enlighten you about a lot of black people’s issues, i.e. the mistrust and dislike that we have for each other. You’ll see where it all stems from.

  4. African American Woman on said:

    You’re trying to educate me? How about learning to comprehend first-i didn’t call any black person racist. In fact, you called me a racist troll because I dared to counter your “poor black me, I’m a victim of the white man” diatribe. I would be crazy if I said racism didn’t exist or any other ism. Where other races/groups or whatever acknowledge that everyone may not like or accept them, that doesn’t stop them from being prosperous or at least working to prosperity. We are the only ones who cannot accept that a lot of our failures are our own fault. Blaming the white man and not working on ourselves as a people to strengthen ourselves as people is going nowhere! Our ancestors are my hero’s-in the face of blatant racism, they stuck to principles- education, family and hard work. Back then, the government and many white people were truly evil and I don’t recall hearing them blame the white man as much as we do today. They were to busy trying to move up in life.

    • Malney96 on said:

      “What do you call the black cop who recently killed an armed black man? Was he racist too?” What are you implying in that statement? If you had a firm understanding of the term, you shouldn’t have used it in that manner! Regarding your comment about our past struggles with the oppressor… I will quote you verbatim: “back then, the government and many white people were truly evil and I don’t recall them blame the white man as much as we do today.” Were you there during those times? If not, how can you say with certainty that they weren’t blaming the whites for their struggles. Who else are they to blame?! It is them that designed this system of oppression. I suggest you google and study “Willi Lynch’s speech”. Hopefully once you’ve done that, your mindset will change toward the black man’s plight.

      • African American Woman is probably referring to the fact that like myself, our grandmothers, grandfathers and great greats were there, and like myself she perhaps have never heard our elders blame others for their plights in life, but instilled values that insured we would appreciate and utilize the freedoms that they fought so hard for, instead of constantly looking backward and lamenting what they went through. We didn’t have to be there to benefit from the wisdom of our elders. All we had to do was listen.

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  6. Tim Green on said:

    Arm chair quarter backing is easy, hindsight is 20/20, its always easy to say what could have been done after the fact, but when theres a bat coming at you no matter who is swinging it … if this story really happened as stated, she chose to gamble with her life, the officer didnt choose to gamble with his …. alot of folks commenting here seem to live in a fantasy world where they expect police officers to wait till theyre inches from death before they defend themselves, cops arent paid to take ass whoopings

    • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

      Tim Green – That is a very valid point, and I think that if these commenters where to put themselves in this situation they would want to go home at the end of their shift and defend themselves. I want everyone to live even when the law is broken, and they encounter police. But police have a right to see their family at the end of the shift!

  7. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    She was in control of her own actions and the responsibility is on her. Those of you that are so quick to say they could have did this or that, put yourself in their situation it was just a bat you say. One swing with a bat hitting a person can cause death if hit in the wrong place! Or cause a disablility either short term or lifetime. So its ok for the police to be beat on? A bat is a deadly weapon when used as a weapon. Next time you need police assistance dont call them call a 66yr old woman with a bat to come help you! So if she had hit this officer and he dies you wouldnt have anything to say hhhmmmmmm?

    • …ResponsibilityinControl, the question is “why wasn’t the taser used”?…Does everybody have to be put down like “rabid animals”?…

      • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

        Of course not, and I am not advocating for that either.
        What I am saying is that we are Responsible and In Control of our own actions!

  8. Malney96 on said:

    Are you really an “African American Woman”, or a white racist troll? In any case, I hear your point, but what is your response to the multiple incidents involving whites that have engaged the police in shootouts; assaults toward them – both physically and verbally – possessing weapons; even pointing them at cops, yet they are taken into custody and not a morgue? How do you explain Dylann Roof? By the the way, the aforementioned scenarios are not isolated, they are typical preferential treatment of the, biased, privileged white culture!

    • African American Woman on said:

      Funny how if you don’t follow the line of sheep, you cannot be black and must be a racist troll. There are many, many cop related shootings, incidents and whatever else on a daily basis. We just don’t hear about them all. Police have interactions with each race of people everyday across the country. What about the fact that black people make up less than 1/4 of police shooting related deaths? Do you think the white/Asian/Hispanic folks who these things happen to are less significant or their pain is less? The fact also remains that you are way more likely to get shot by someone who looks just like you rather than a cop. Aorry, but if your in a situation with law enforcement who have the ability to use deadly force-obey all commands and don’t aim at them, drive your car at them, swing a bat at them or anyth2 else…common sense

      • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

        African American Woman – couldn’t have said it better myself. Your point is so very true!

      • Malney96 on said:

        All that you’ve described as common sense has been applied in many situations, that we’ve all witnessed and heard about. And still the outcome is death. If a racist cop hads murder on his/her agenda, no matter what you do or say will prevent him/her from murdering you! Seeing that you’re loaded with all these stats, one would assume that you should already know this. Or, you do, but chose to ignore it and continue to blame the victim(s). Hence, the reason why I question your indentity. If you really are who you say you are, then either your mind is colonized, or you’re just clueless.

      • African American Woman on said:

        All I’m saying is that when you get into a violent situation with the cops, you open yourself up to a potential deadly outcome. Right or wrong, I can’t say. Why does it have to be racially charged? What do you call the black cop who recently killed an armed black man? Was he racist too? Or does that not fit your agenda? Numbers are numbers…if most of these violent cop interactions were racially motivated, wouldn’t there be open season on us? Sorry, but I don’t but into the “poor old black me, I’m nothing but a victim of the evil white man.”

      • Malney96 on said:

        FYI, even though it’s not my position to educate your ignorance, I’ll inform you of this: Black people CAN’T be racist because they don’t stand to benefit from a system that oppresses white people. Further, prejudice against white folks is not ‘racism,’ it’s ‘prejudice or discrimination,’ Racism is something else entirely. It’s a system that acts against people of color in this country (established through slavery and colonization). So there is a difference. Further still, the term “racist” got mixed up with related terms like prejudice, bigotry and ignorance. While it’s possible for Black people to be prejudiced toward whites and carry ignorant beliefs about them as a race, Black people CAN’T be racist because again, they don’t stand to benefit from a system that oppresses white people.

        And to respond to your comment regarding a black cop murdering a black victim, like I mentioned, when your mind is colonized, you no longer think like a black person. You think you are one with your oppressor and thus start believing that black issues are no longer yours. You also begin to hate your own skin and those that look just like you!

      • Malney96 on said:

        I will again quip by saying this: seeing that you claim to be an “African-American woman” there are certain things you should know about the members within our community, one of which is the use of the word “racist” , it is not a word you should be using among people in our community. Seeing that you have educated yourself with facts, I highly suggest you educated yourself of the origin of the word. By the way, you’re welcome for the education.

  9. African American Woman on said:

    I understand that the police may have had other options to use-I agree that a Razer may have been a better choice, however, when a person engages the police in any dangerous situation with a weapon, that person opens the door for whatever actions the police take. The police are not counselors or psychiatrists-they want to go home alive too. Someone swing ing a bat and holding a pair of scissors can be dangerous. Its a shame this woman is dead.

  10. Totally un-necessary!!!!!!

    Pigs are supposed to be trained to handle all types of incidents and to resolve them without always using DEADLY FORCE.

    This 66 yr old woman only had a damn bat-so couldn’t the PIGS just tase her?
    Why is it always SHOOT AND KILL WHEN IT COMES TO US??????????????????
    She was no THREAT TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If this woman has any family, I can see them getting an attorney and filing a lawsuit against the NYPD!!!!!!!!!

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